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A day at WildQuest on video!

WildQuest in Bimini is a project in which people can mysteriously touch an inner space triggered by meeting dolphins in a unique and powerful ocean setting.

Sometimes when I meet friends after a long time, I ask them: “So, in the morning you get up, have breakfast and then?” This always gives me an inside view of their life, as if I were spending a day with them. A similar approach has been taken by the producers of this video about WildQuest. The way Amlas tells the sequence of events in one day while holidaying and swimming with dolphins, makes us feel we are right here. It is an irresistible temptation to join in!

WildQuest was created as a place to nurture the space a person gets into when connecting intimately with dolphins. Amlas describes these experiences as similar to those which sannyasins experience when meeting Osho. Both she and Atmo feel deeply touched and inspired by the mysterious transmission of something inexpressible that happens when people in a loving and open space meet dolphins.

Bimini itself is one of the 7 major power points in the world and Amlas and Atmo feel the experiences which happen for the visitors and the team working there are life changing, hence affecting the consciousness of the world as a whole.

They both express the feeling that they are not doing this just to make money but to create a space where they themselves can flower in a very intense demanding life while helping others to experience something of the mystery of existence. Atmo says, “This is not work, it is life!”

In this article on Osho News C. Michele Rose tells her experience at WildQuest, Wild Dolphin Encounters: Lessons in the Art of Podding

About Amlas and Atmo

Amlas and Atmo met in Pune and after travelling in various parts of the world, working and playing music, Amlas ended up in Costa Rica playing the bass for Miten and Premal. There she reconnected with Sandesh and Daya who were running WildQuest and who invited her and Atmo to join their project in 1999. Amlas and Atmo worked with them for the next few summers, finally buying into the project.

Amlas is well-known to sannyasins as a bass guitar player with Milarepa’s band. She has travelled all over the world with our master musician. Amlas connected with Osho in the early 70’s and lived in sannyasin communes on numerous occasions. Her independent spirit rejected the idea of having a master, however, and it was not until 1987 that she was hit by the realisation that actually Osho was her master whether she liked it or not! She took sannyas within the next few days.

So many of our newer sannyasins who lived behind the Iron Curtain with threats of invasions and revolutions have amazing stories to tell of how they came to Osho. Atmo is no exception. With the Russian invasion in 1968 the borders of Czechoslovakia were closed but one man, Anubodha, had escaped to West Germany and taken sannyas. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 he collected as much money and as many Osho books as he could and rushed back to the now Czech Republic to teach Osho meditations and disperse the books. Atmo read the first book translated into Czech – The Orange Book – did some meditations and joined American Sam in the first Czech meditation centre /commune in Prague. He became a sannyasin in 1990.

Atmo is also a wonderful photographer and catches spectacular views of dolphins inteacting with people.

Text by Punya and Veena

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