A Natural Happening


Enlightenment is a natural happening.

If we don’t hinder it, it is bound to happen. It is not that you have to achieve it; all that you have to do is not to hinder it. You hinder it in a thousand and one ways. You don’t allow it to happen. When it starts to happen you become frightened. When it takes possession of you, you cannot give that much possession – you shrink back, you withdraw. You come back in your tiny cell of the ego. There you feel protected, defended, secure.

Enlightenment is the open sky of insecurity. It is vastness, it is uncharted ocean. The journey is from one unknown to another unknown. There is nothing that can be known. Knowledge, the very idea of knowledge, is part of human stupidity. Life is such a mystery it cannot be known. And if it cannot be known how can it be taught? And if it cannot be taught, what is the point of being a master and a disciple?

Osho Smiling

Just a few days ago there was a question: ‘Why have you declared yourself to be the Blessed One?’ It is a drama. I have decided to play the part of the Blessed One and you have decided to play the part of disciples – but it is a drama. The day you will become aware you will know there is no master and no disciple. The day you will understand, you will know that it was a dream – but a dream which can help you to come out of all your other dreams, a thorn which can help to pull out your thorns from your flesh, it can be instrumental – but a thorn all the same. A poison which can help you to drop your other poisons – but a poison all the same. Use it as a raft. That’s why I say it is a drama.

Your being a disciple and my being a master is a drama. Play it as beautifully as possible. To you it is a reality, I know. To me it is a drama. From your side it is a great reality, from my side it is a game. One day you will also understand that it is a game. That day will be the day of your enlightenment.

Osho, The Diamond Sutra, Ch 9 (Excerpt)

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