The Message Has To Reach


Osho asserts that truth is not his property, he is not its owner.

Now there are countries who have decided in their parliaments
that I should not be allowed into their country.
And they have a certain European parliament…
Just the other day I was informed that now
they are considering in the European parliament –
which is just a combined body of all the parliaments of Europe –
a decision that I should not be allowed
even to land my plane at any airport in Europe.

Today they will be doing this in Europe – America has done it already.
Tomorrow they will be doing it in Asia, in Australia, in Africa.
It is possible, very possible, that if they are so much afraid of me,
they will start banning my books.
And it may become necessary that my books go without my name,
or with any name – like Holy Ghost!

The name does not matter.

But the message has to reach.

Osho Uruguay

It is unprecedented. The whole world against a single man –
a man who has no power, no nuclear weapons, who cannot do any harm to anybody.

The whole world is at war with a single person.

It simply shows that I am hitting at their very roots.

You need not be worried. If somebody has taken some passage,
that passage will prove more important than his whole book.
And I would like more and more writers, poets, film makers
to steal as much as they can,
because truth is not my property,
I am not its owner.

Let it reach in any way, in anybody’s name, in any form,
but let it reach.

Osho, Beyond Psychology, Ch 3, Q 2

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