The Eyes of a Miracle


Praful shares a track (and a remix) from his latest Sufi-infused album ‘Mirror of the Heart’

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In the video above you can listen to the original and opening track of the album. The chant is a new mantra inspired by my now two-and-a-half-year–old daughter Isha and was composed in the period after her birth. Looking at Isha, I always feel I look into the Eyes of a Miracle.

When I came to know that so many people were touched by this song, I decided to create a version for dancing. I asked DJ Kareem Raihani for a modern remix and he came up with a contagious hip-moving world-groove.

And once the remix was done, last December I had the idea to ask my fans and friends to film themselves while dancing and singing to it. After a few weeks I received lots of clips from all over the world; we started to put them together and made a video clip. It was great fun to see all the lovely people enjoying themselves and being creative.

So what came out? See for yourself (video below).


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Credits for the remix:
Vocals, guitars & keyboards: Praful
Backing vocals: Sudha
Percussion: Afra Mussawisade
Video Edit: Eddie Boschma
Composed by: Praful
Remix by: Kareem Raihani


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PrafulPraful grew up in Germany and studied Jazz Sax & Flute at the Amsterdam Conservatory. In 1992 he came to Pune where he took sannyas. In the meantime he has become a world-renowned sax and flute player, producer, performer and pioneer, feeling at home in many different musical styles. Some of his albums sold more than 100.000 worldwide, with a #1 hit (Sigh) on the US Jazz radio. He has also composed many of the famous Mantras for Deva Premal. When not touring, Praful lives and works near Cologne in Germany.

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