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… at Osho Niranjana Camp with Arun.

You have to see it and feel it to believe it – the magic of oceanic Osho has returned to America. Nestled in the reddish Mars-like hills near San Diego, California, amid orange groves, towering cactus and leaping rabbits, the new residential ashram, Osho Niranjana, is an oasis for seekers from around the globe. A beautiful villa-style house and the gardens feel like a real home, established in a rolling, rural setting that almost touches the velvet night sky full of stars. This location is perfect – close enough yet far away enough from the city to be a convenience to worldwide meditators flying in to Los Angeles and San Diego, then making the short drive through pleasant farm towns with roadside stands that sell fresh flowers and perfect avocados for pennies.

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I participated in a recent workshop with Arun and we had interesting group discussions, in particular about positive signs of human evolution, including, a new movement that helps people accept and even design their own death. A few sannyasins were also talking about the latest warfare strategy, electronic jamming and how it was arrived at, following the technology of smart bombs and even smart bullets. The logical military mind now places an emphasis on the electronic jamming of the enemy’s missile, ironically arriving at a peaceful no-war. If peace mechanisms are used, arrived at as perhaps a cost savings, it is still peace – and could mean a quantum leap for mankind. But then again, nations are attempting to control the bigger picture – the weather and earthquakes of their enemies, so more enlightened souls are needed to hold the balance. I recall Osho saying that with 200 enlightened people in the world, the third world war will not happen.

During the last group sharing, a beautiful storm of generosity blew into the meditation hall after a wonderful Swami offered to match all donations for Osho Tapoban’s special low-cost book printing project. Numerous sannyasins and Osho lovers made pledges to the ashram as well. Yahoo!

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