The Guru


Sarita sings one of her songs.



‘The Guru’ is one of those songs that came through me spontaneously during one of my singing lessons. I am shy about sharing this, as it is one of my first forays into singing! But I feel it will be healing to let my nightingale out of the closet!

While singing The Guru, of course, I was bathed in the grace of our beloved master Osho; a waterfall of his divine essence enveloped me. However, something within whispered to me not to say his name in the song, but to let this song be a celebration of all gurus, all enlightened beings who grace this planet. The phenomenon of the guru is so sacred and special; it is from Osho that I have learned to celebrate all enlightened beings, in whatever form this ultimate flowering of human consciousness may take. So this song expresses, simultaneously, my deep gratitude to all enlightened ones.

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The light of the Guru
Sings through me today

His light and his blessings
have touched my deepest core

I am falling
Forever in his eyes
I am dancing
Forever in his smile

I found rebirth
Through his touch
I dissolved into
My very soul

Oh, see the path,
Strewn with flowers
And I am on my knees
In wonder

The Guru
The Guru
The Guru

Om Shanti
Om Shanti
Om Shanti


SaritaAnanda Sarita met Osho in Mumbai in 1973 and shortly afterwards received sannyas. She spent the next 26 years in his communes where she worked cleaning Osho’s house, as a medium in energy darshan, in the PR department and as a holistic healer. Osho gave her the title ‘Mahasatvaa’ meaning ‘keeper of esoteric wisdom’. Since 1997 she has been teaching Tantra, holistic healing across the world. She lives in England and Greece.

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