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A presentation for the latest album by Georg Deuter (aka Chaitanya Hari)

Space by DeuterTracks

Endless Horizon 18:45

White Light 11:51

Warmer Sommerabend 16:40

Silent Alchemy 7:48

Resonance Blue 10:57

Total time: 66:01

Chaitanya says,

“When I was a boy in the 1950’s and 60’s, I enjoyed watching science-fiction movies and dreaming of a future where people could fly to other planets or live on space stations. My only concept of space was outer space. Later, through music and meditation, I got to know another space … an inner-space inside myself. Studying physics, I learned to imagine an atom the size of a cathedral, and proportionally, the nucleus is only the size of a particle of dust. The rest in between is empty space. We are surrounded by space. We are made of space.”

Instruments include piano, various keyboards and synthesizers, guitars, shakuhachi flute, cello, koto, sitar, tabla, Turkish sasz, Persian tar, santoor, bazuki, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, drums, ethnic percussion, and more.

“For me, all the instruments are like colors in a painting,” states Deuter. “I’m not focused on one instrument specifically. I use many sounds and instruments so that it is like painting with sound.”

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Chaitanya TNMeditation music and Chaitanya Hari (aka Georg Deuter) are synonymous; he has since long been recognised as the founder of New Age music and has become a legend among meditation and music lovers alike. Born in Munich, Germany, he nowadays lives in New Mexico in a sanctuary tucked away among a forest where he creates music with instruments from all over the world. Loving nature, he recently became a beekeeper; he describes himself as a hermit/monk/wolf living in the wild.

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