The chain reaction

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Our beloved master,
I imagined that our tendency to put ourselves down was a product of our conditioning, and something peculiar to modern man. But even in Rinzai’s time it appears that was the chief obstacle to self-realization too.
Can a society of unenlightened people exist only if everybody is made to feel inadequate?

Yes, Maneesha. This kind of society can exist only if it makes you feel inadequate. This kind of society, the structure, needs people who are suffering, or made to suffer, from inferiority, who deep down are carrying a conditioning that they are unworthy, undeserving. This kind of society can exist only if it makes every child inadequate, because this society needs exploitation, this society has invested itself in exploiting human beings. It does not and it cannot allow everybody to be himself, because if everybody is himself there cannot be any religious organization to exploit you – no Christianity, no pope, no kings or queens, no leaders. Because then an individual is enough unto himself, he does not need any leader.


All these so-called great people – politicians, priests – exist because every child has been crippled, has not been allowed to become an individual in his own right. Otherwise he will not follow anybody. He will follow himself, he will move in directions which are of his own choosing. He will not need any guide and will not need any map and will not need any dictators. This kind of society can exist only if the children en masse are forced to feel inadequate.

And my effort here is to give you your forgotten dignity. This is the most revolutionary step, because if you can remember your forgotten dignity, your spirituality, your eternity, you will be freed from all the churches, from all the nations. You will be freed from all kinds of stupid ideologies and superstitions. Your consciousness will be such an explosion of light that everything that is false will disappear.

Then this explosion creates a chain reaction – and that is my effort. It is possible to make a chain reaction.

I am making every effort to have small groups of sannyasins radiating in every country. The whole world can be transformed if we have just a few people everywhere who can become aflame. Then their flame will move like a wildfire, destroying all kinds of slaveries and all kinds of chains and imprisonments – creating a new sky, a new freedom for man.

You are right. In Rinzai’s time also the same was the case. The whole past of humanity is a past of psychological slavery, physical slavery. Only a few people like Gautam Buddha or Rinzai or Basho, in thousands of years amongst millions of people, have been able to escape from psychological bondage. These people were always thought dangerous by the society.

Now so many parliaments in the world, without ever defining what kind of danger I am, have an unconscious feeling that this man is dangerous and should not be allowed in their country. They don’t know exactly what danger they are talking about. I am utterly amazed that in these big parliaments not a single person raises the question, “What danger do you mean? What danger is this man to anyone?” No, it is simply accepted. It is taken for granted that, “This man is dangerous.”

But I know they are right. They are calling me dangerous without knowing it. I call myself dangerous because I know I am dangerous. I am preparing a situation far more dangerous to the whole society than the nuclear scientists are creating. Their nuclear weapons most probably will never be used; sooner or later they will be thrown into the ocean. But I am creating a totally different kind of explosion – not an atomic explosion, but an explosion of cosmic consciousness. If this fire spreads, suddenly you will see that those great leaders are just ordinary people, just like you, but pretenders, imposters. You will see that your kings and queens are all bogus, exploiting the society for thousands of years. You will see that your priests are lying and lying continuously about everything.

This vision, if it spreads, is bound to create a new man and a new society.

A new man can only be an enlightened man.

A new man can only be a buddha.

And if there are just a few buddhas around the world, we can create the wildfire.

It has never been tried, but it is just like… nobody knew about atomic energy until it was tried at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nobody could imagine that a small atom that you cannot see is carrying so much energy that it can destroy a great city like Nagasaki, with a population of one hundred thousand people, or Hiroshima, an even bigger city. In the whole of history nobody ever dreamt that atoms are carrying so much energy.

Now I am saying to you that if material atoms can explode and destroy so much… how much more creative a conscious explosion of living beings can be. It can explode millions of people suddenly into a new era of enlightenment.

All their potentialities should become actualities. You will see thousands of poets, you will see thousands of musicians, you will see thousands of sculptors, thousands of scientists who were fast asleep and were just clerks or schoolmasters – who never knew that their potential is that of a buddha.

We have to create what I call the chain effect, the trigger effect. Now you are all sitting so silently, and I can give just a trigger…

(The Master makes a tickling gesture towards Avirbhava who screams. Everybody laughs.)

Before we do our meditation, a few laughs. And this laughter has a beauty, because it has no cause.

(Laughter continues.)

I have not told the joke yet!

(More hilarious laughter.)

Have you ever heard such laughter before the joke? Today you have surpassed Sardar Gurudayal Singh. Even he is looking puzzled. Now be quiet, so that I can read the jokes!

Mr. Samosa, one of Poona’s most successful businessmen, is a rubberware manufacturer.
He invites guests from an International Management Conference for a tour of his factory. Proudly, he introduces his different products, everything from tractor tires to baby-bottle nipples. He is especially proud of his fully automatic condom making machine, with a special electronic leakproof tester.
By the side of the machine, a man is sitting and carefully punching holes in the condoms with a needle.
“What is he doing that for?” asks one of the visitors, “Is it part of the quality test?”
“No,” replies Samosa, proudly, “we are trying to promote our Hindu baby products.”

Gertie Gusher has been fooling around with other men, and her husband, Gary, the Texas oil millionaire, takes her to court and demands a divorce.
“On what grounds?” asks Judge Grump.
“Breach of contract,” replies Gusher.
“Please,” says the judge, “you don’t own your wife, so you can’t treat her like a piece of property.”
“Maybe not,” growls the oilman, “but I sure have the exclusive drilling rights!”

Two worms, Wilbur and Wallace, share a little hole underneath the Sunnyvale Golf Course.
One day, they plan to go for a wriggle across the course, so Wilbur goes up to see what the weather is like.
Around this time, two women are playing golf just overhead, and one of them urgently has to pee.
“Don’t worry,” says the partner, “there is no one around, you can pee right here.”
So the woman squats down and starts peeing. Just at that moment, Wilbur pops his head out of his hole.
Soaked by the flood of urine, Wilbur quickly wriggles back down into the ground.
“I see it is raining,” says Wallace to his dripping friend.
“It certainly is,” agrees Wilbur, drying himself on his towel. “In fact, it is raining so hard that the birds are building their nests upside-down!”

Old Mrs. Grumblebum, the wealthy hypochondriac, goes to ask her doctor to cure her latest imaginary illness.
Doctor Spook is completely fed up with the old bag, and tries to tell her she is perfectly well. But Mrs. Grumblebum insists that there is something wrong with her. Despairing, Doctor Spook tells her he will have to make some tests, so he gives her a small plastic cup and tells her to produce a urine sample.
When she comes back five minutes later, he asks her next to produce a feces sample in the same cup.
“Good,” says Spook when Mrs. Grumblebum returns. “Now stick your finger in the cup, stir it around and then drink all of it.”
Obediently doing as the doctor tells her, Mrs. Grumblebum downs the concoction.
Immediately, she is violently sick.
“Ah-ha!” shouts Doctor Spook. “Just as I suspected. Upset stomach!”

Osho, The Miracle, Ch 3, Q 1

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