Hot Chillies — 27 October 2018

Osho says, “I am here only for the seekers, not for the mob.”

More and more people will be coming to me. Thirsty people, seekers who have nothing to do with Christianity or Hinduism or Mohammedanism – they will be coming to me. I am here only for the seekers, not for the mob. And what the mob says is irrelevant. I am here for those who are ready to be transformed and transfigured. And I only want to be for them. I don’t want to waste a single minute on anybody else. And these people are there in the world – many at this moment, because this moment is very critical in the history of man, in the history of human consciousness.

Hot Chilli

A great jump! Either man dies or man becomes new – that is the only choice. The old man cannot continue. The old man has arranged for his suicide: he is ready to commit global suicide. Either the old mind wins and there will be a global suicide and humanity will disappear from the earth, or the new mind will be born – and that’s what the effort here is – and humanity will take a new direction. The new man will be born.

The new man will not be Indian, and will not be German, and will not be Chinese. The new man will not be Christian, will not be Hindu, will not be Mohammedan. The new man will not be black, will not be white. The new man will not be man, will not be woman. The new man will be a totally different kind of being, with no adjectives around him… a purity, a primal innocence. My work is to give birth to that new man.

And if only a few can be transformed, they will become the heralds. Only a few seeds… if they can grow into the new man, they will create the new humanity. My whole interest is with them and in them. I want to invest my whole energy into those few people who are ready to slip out of the old skin and become new.

The Indians cannot recognise me, the Christians cannot recognise me, the Hindus cannot recognise me. To recognise me they will have to come out of their preoccupations.

Osho, I Say Unto You, Vol 2, Ch 2, Q 2 (excerpt)