The mind is like a dense forest

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (114)


Osho with garland

The decision to take sannyas is propitious –
and sadhana follows decision like a shadow.
Seeds have to be sown in the mind as well;
there too – as we sow we reap.
The way has to be carved out of the mind too.
The temple of God is close
but the mind is like a dense forest
we have to hack our way through to reach it.
The first steps have to be taken from where you are.
Even for a long journey
the first steps have to be taken just close by,
and in every journey,
not only that towards truth,
the beginning is not different from the end –
they are two ends of the same span,
two poles of the same entity.
Yet often you cannot guess from the first step
where you will end up;
those first steps may seem quite unrelated to the last!

Charles Catering recollects this interesting incident:
Once I bet a friend
that if I bought him a birdcage to hang in his sitting-room
he would have to buy a bird.
The friend laughed and said
he could keep a cage without a bird –
there was nothing to it!
He accepted the bet
and I bought him a beautiful cage from Switzerland
which he hung in his sitting-room.
Naturally, the inevitable happened –
life has its own logic.
Whosoever saw the cage
immediately sympathized with him, asking:
When did your bird die?
He would answer: I never had a bird.
Then they would say: So why the empty cage?
Finally he got sick and tired of explaining
and went and bought a bird.
When I asked him about it he said:
It was easier to buy the bird and lose the bet
than to explain things to each and every one
from morn till night.
And also,
seeing this empty cage hanging there
day in and day out, my mind kept repeating:
The bird! The bird! The bird!

So, if you hang commitment like a cage in the mind
it won’t be long before the bird of sadhana comes!

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