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Punya’s interview with Nisarg continues on the subject of Human Design: why it is important to experience one’s chart and not only receive information about it; about the Strategy of the type called Generator; about Emotional and Spleenic Authority.

Nisarg and participant dancing
Nisarg and participant in a workshop

In the first part of this interview you talked about the keys, the strategies as they are called in Human Design. Can you give me an example?

This is where I always have some difficulty. If you google Human Design you can read very precisely: this is the strategy for the Manifestor, this is for the Generator, this is for the Projector, this is for the Reflector. There is tons of stuff on the internet, all for free.

I am aware that even when people receive a session, they are often not getting it. Because it sounds so simple and yet, unless it is being transmitted the way I like to, that is, when they can have an experience like you had in the demonstration I gave – they might not really be getting it. I am sure you must have heard about Human Design before and somebody told you that you are a Projector and this is your strategy, etc. But to actually experience it, was a breakthrough. That’s my experience with many people.

Sometimes friends ask me, “What are you doing now? I haven’t seen you for years!” and I say, “Human Design. Have you heard of it?”

They say, “Yes”

“Have you had a session?”



“Not for me, too mind-y.”

Then I feel sorry because I have understood the value of it, if it is used in the right way… not mentally but as an awareness tool, a tool for living.

When I first introduce the concept of strategy in a group it sounds so idiotic, that all the Generators say, “I go home now.” I mean, after one day! “If that is all you have to give to me, I leave.” For the Generators the key is to be asked and then follow their natural response. They need a simple direct question to which there can only be a Yes or No answer. They have what is called the sacral centre, the sacral motor – that’s the life energy, the life motor. That centre can only respond if something comes towards it from the outside and if it can respond with a Yes or a No. It responds even with a sound – a hmmm, unh unh, uh huh, a grunt..

The Generators are the creators, they are here to work, they are here to do something. They have this life motor, that is there for that. It is there to create life, but it is also there to work to be creative, to be able to have a house, a roof over the head. But the problem for all Generators is – and they represent 70% of the population – that they have this energy but the energy does not know what to do with itself.

From day one outer authorities have told them what to do; their own mind has learned the game; they have never experienced how it is when the sacral motor responds to something and then gets engaged, and what satisfaction it can then experience, instead of just doing things mechanically and automatically – every day, going to work, or cooking, or whatever their mind or somebody else tells them to do. And then living almost a life of a slave, slave of their own mind, slave of somebody else. They can do it – they have the energy – but deep down there is always a kind of frustration. I feel it with most Generators I meet. Most Generators don’t even notice it because they are so used to a certain way of living automatically. But if they stop doing whatever they are doing they feel uncomfortable and then notice that they are frustrated. Then they take all sorts of workshops and learn things that give them a bit of relaxation and ease temporarily, but then the frustration comes back.

So they would need someone with some intelligence to ask them the right question?

Even that is not so easy. In my five-day workshop, on the last day, we practice question-answer. Everybody becomes aware that it is not so easy even to know how to ask in the right way; how to connect with yourself, how to word the question so that there can be a response.

Another thing I became aware of: because this life motor has been abused and used and misused so much, it is quite damaged in most Generators. It needs a very delicate approach at first. It often needs healing time. Some Generators, when they are beginning to honour their response, stop taking initiatives and stop following what other people say – including what their own mind says – become aware, first thing of how tired they actually are. And how, in the beginning at least, the sacral motor often says No instead of Yes because it has been trained to say yes yes yes yes, and do and do, and overdo. So now it’s tired. And it takes time to slowly reconnect with the place of true wisdom, because it should be life itself that decides Yes or No.

It sounds so easy but Generators become aware that it is not, and begin to ask themselves, “How can I recognize that this is truly my sacral speaking now?” Maybe they hear the inner authority say, “Hmhm…” but then their mind asks, “What do you mean by Hmhm?” because the mind is there almost to protect us from our true inner authority. It’s like a safeguard. I call it the ‘prison director’. The test is also, “What happens if my inner authority says one thing and the mind says something else?” Usually the mind wins, because that’s what we are used to doing, through our security system. If once in a while we dare to follow our true inner authority it can bring up fear, almost fear of dying, because we are doing something we have never done before and we don’t know the outcome.

The mind works in certain patterns. “What will other people say, maybe I will lose my job, maybe my boyfriend will leave me….” All of a sudden they become aware of so many things. They learn to respond, instead of initiating, instead of listening to what their mind tells them or somebody else suggests they should do.

Nisarg with chart and students
Demonstration by Nisarg around a blow-up of a Human Design chart

Can it be useful to know what type your friends are?

Of course it can be helpful, absolutely, because we are living together with all the types, but it works best if you have truly experienced Human Design first.

For instance, I know my partner is a Generator, so I know that I have to ask him if he wants to do something, and also that I have to wait until I feel when it is the right moment to ask.

Yes, let’s keep the Generators as an example. If you truly want to connect with them, with their life-source, then it would be respectful to ask them. Even to ask them, “Can I ask you something?” That should always be the first question. It is like – I am also introducing the auric field of all the types – you don’t break into somebody’s house. For me the aura is our house. And the body is me inside the house. You don’t just go to somebody’s house and open the door without knocking. You don’t do that. But that is what we do with each other all the time. We just break in and start talking, telling somebody something or asking somebody something. We don’t even notice how it is often an invasion. In my workshops I introduce “knocking on the aura’s door.”

So if you hear that someone is a Generator it is not enough to know that you have to ask them. It doesn’t mean you can just get up and ask them something to get an honest response, you might even shock them, you might even piss them off. If they are sitting on the toilet it is certainly not the moment to ask them anything! The first question always needs to be “Can I ask you something?” I sometimes even knock on the invisible door: “Knock knock, are you home? Is it OK if I ask you something?” And then watch how this relaxes the other.

In my workshops Generators break down, crying sometimes, because never in their lives have they been treated so respectfully. It has so much to do with respect for one’s space. They themselves even don’t know that they needed this. They couldn’t give it to themselves and they couldn’t give it to others.

So first learn about yourself through experience – not just reading in a book – and then you understand that you have to stop for a moment before you barge in. You can start looking at the charts of your family members, your friends, your enemies and then understand what went wrong, why it has been so difficult, or why it is working so well.

Do you need to knock at people’s auras for all the types?

With all the types. Absolutely.

As a little taster, could you talk about another type of authority?

There are nine energy centres, so there are many different kinds of authorities. But an important one is the Emotional Centre. It is also a motor which, if it is defined, becomes the number one authority. Even if somebody is a Generator and they have the Emotional Centre defined, that would be their inner authority, the feeling centre. Basically people who have this centre defined are feeling people. They live in a different time-frame.

The Emotional Centre creates emotional waves. The waves go up and down and up and down. When the wave is high, at its peak, the motor is very strong; that would be the moment when the person spontaneously would say Yes to everything and everybody, and life looks wonderful. And when the wave is down it is the opposite. The world looks dark and glum. That is an inner authority that needs time, that cannot spontaneously know and say Yes or No.

In an Emotionally defined Generator, let’s say, the question is taken in by the emotions – at a certain point in the wave. It is almost as if the question gets swallowed up and needs to be ‘digested’. One moment the response can feel like “Wow, Yes, I would love to do that!” but they have to remember to wait. They cannot trust that what they feel now is the whole truth.

After an hour it can change and feel like “Actually, I am not so sure if I would like to do it.” So they wait some more and when the wave is down they might say, “I absolutely do not want to do it. I am so glad I didn’t say yes before.” And then the wave goes up again. And then it goes again… This inner authority, the Emotional Authority, needs time.

About how much time?

It’s tricky – waiting for an emotional clarity that is not coloured by the extreme high or the extreme low. But in order to come to that place it is necessary that they can travel all the way through. So this is a very important place – and I give it a lot of space in my workshops – because it is not an easy place. Emotionally defined people have suffered enormously because they have always been under pressure, asked to be fast, to decide immediately

How long do we have to wait for an answer? It depends on the question. For e.g. you ask them: “Are you hungry, would you like to eat something?” Even that can immediately put them into shock. Even that needs a moment of waiting. Hmmm… not so sure. But of course this question would go faster than big questions. It is like, when you eat an apple or a piece of watermelon, that goes faster through the digestive tract than if you eat a five-course menu with fish and dessert. It needs more time to be digested.

In a workshop we can work with it so that the Emotional people can actually have an experience of what it feels like to have the courage to let go into this insecurity of not knowing. Because their initial answer always needs to be an “I don’t know now.” Which never come across well…

These people suffer at school. The children suffer from day one – from when they are born. Maybe their mum is not Emotional and everybody is driven to be fast. They are always pushed. These children are always in a state of shock. And then they learn that when they are up on the wave, so happy and shining, everybody loves them. And when they are down on the wave and are upset and are crying, everybody gets worried.

They learn to cut themselves in the middle and try to be up up up all the time. And of course everything gets disturbed. A lot of people with Emotional Authority also get physical problems, often to do with food, with overeating, with under-eating. Then they end up getting medication because something seems to be wrong with them.

Nobody understands that they are Emotional and need time.

Of course there are details to it; not every Emotional person is the same. But this advice should do: If you are Emotional, whatever your answer is in the now, don’t trust it. Wait. Just that is already an incredible help. And for a mother to know that her child is Emotional: don’t pressure ithe child, wake it up half an hour before the other children. Very important. Because the pressure in the morning for going to school is terrible for Emotional children. They need more time, they are slow naturally. But quickly they learn to disconnect, quickly they learn and then they have to do all this therapy.

Farewell celebration on the last day of a workshop
Farewell celebration on the last day of a workshop

Is there time to talk about another inner authority?

There is Splenic inner authority. These are people who have a body intuition, a body instinct. They can decide instantly.

The beautiful thing is, when you are in this workshop then you have all the different types of authority there. We go through all of the types of authorities and everybody can have an experience. “Aha, THAT is what it feels like.” They can experience themselves but also see others. “This person has something I don’t have. But I get to experience how it works. What it does to me when I am close to them.”

Because that is also another thing that we do.

If you look at your chart, some centres are white, some are coloured in. In the workshops I ask people who have a certain centre defined to go and sit on one side of the room, and the others on another side. But what happens when they come together again? What happens to those with the open centre when they all of a sudden come close to a defined one?

That is also interesting, we haven’t mentioned that we are actually influencing each other like that.

Ah, to the max. If we do not understanding where our home base is, it is very easy to get sidetracked and go off with somebody else’s energy, thinking it is ours. And then of course we end up finding ourselves in a wrong place, wrong time, wrong person, wrong activity. And then of course we pay for that. It is usually the body that pays. Sometimes we even pay with money, because we lose in the situation. We make decisions based on somebody else’s design and not on our own inner authority. And then we wonder why there so much resistance, why we are not making the money we were promised to make; whatever contracts we have made are not working out. And finally the body breaks down. In the end the body always shows us that something is not quite right.

Is there another inner authority you would like to mention ?

The ones discussed are the three main ones. Most people have one of these three. The other ones are a bit more tricky to understand and for that I would need to go through the centres. Maybe some other time.

It doesn’t matter what type we are, it doesn’t matter which centre is defined and which one not. Everybody has a way to come to an inner clarity, a reliable inner clarity that shows what is right for them now and what is not right for them now. Not to say Yes to what they want to say No to. What to get involved with, with whom to get involved. What to do, what not to do – including very simple moment to moment decisions.

When we look at a day, we do so many things automatically, using up our energy. If we paid attention to it, we might not do it. It is just automatic, following a certain routine. If we were able to get in contact with a place inside, we would slowly slowly begin to recognize very clearly, what it is telling us.

In the Mystery School there was a group about following our intuition, where we learned to be intuitive, how to be spontaneous. There was another one about following our heart and one about how to be centred. I always felt it was too generalized. For everybody it was the same. I had started doing energy readings and there I realized: “No, it is not the same for everybody. It’s not universal.”

That’s why it was so enlightening for me when I discovered the Human Design system, when I saw this map. I worked with the seven-chakra system before, and this system showed me how different we are in a very precise way. We each have a different place within where we are grounded in ourselves, from where we are being guided. It is not the same for everybody.

To do a group on intuition might be helpful for one person because that is their gig. But for somebody else, for example an Emotionally defined person, it would not. They would suffer and just acquire another mental game, and then again feel themselves to be a failure.

To finish, I would just like to say that the joy found in really being yourself – is incomparable. There you really feel at the heart of the essential Mystery of life – “Wow! This feels exactly right! This is where I am supposed to be right now. This is how life really wants me to act; or not act.” And, for some reason I can’t explain, existence sends a stream of joy and rightness through you; which somehow expands and connects you with the rightness of god, or the gods. Those are beautiful moments. And it is so amazing that that rightness, for each person, is shown in their Design. –


Punya is the founder of Osho News, author of many interviews and of her memoir On the Edge.

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