Observing or involvement


Osho speaks in darshan to Krishna Saraswati; “Jealousy can remain only if you are unconscious of it,” and to Leela; “he should observe – and for you, be involved in things and move moment to moment.”

Osho in darshan

Krishna Saraswati, middle-aged and Indian, and his companion, Leela, younger and American, are going through some numbers about their relationship.

Saraswati: I realize that I have some jealousy within me. I feel it. It is dissolving and I’m becoming more and more aware of it.

Mm mm. Just remain aware and it will go. Nothing else has to be done about it. Jealousy can remain only if you are unconscious of it. The moment you become alert, it starts going. Just remain watchful. Bring it completely to your awareness, and when it grips you just sit silently and see the whole cloud that surrounds. And don’t leave anything unseen. All the parts, the whole mechanism, has to be seen, and then it will disappear. Nothing to be worried about.

It is very human, mm? – because we have been made in such a way by the society that jealousy is the outcome of it. The whole life’s conditioning is to be jealous. The school, the college, the university, the parents, the society – everybody wants you to be jealous, because only out of jealousy can ambition be created, only out of jealousy can possessiveness be created, and only out of jealousy can you be made to become powerful, rich. If jealousy disappears this whole edifice of the society will fall. It is founded on jealousy; jealousy is the cornerstone of this society. It pervades everything, permeates everything.

So it is nothing to be worried about, mm? – this is just because you are born in a jealous society which depends on jealousy, lives on jealousy, so it has penetrated your blood, your bones. Just become aware and slowly slowly it will disappear.

What about you, Leela? Something to say?

Leela: I’m not sure what my basic problem is. I’ve always been like this and now I’m not sure that I’ve changed, so the same problems might come again. I’m not so sure what I should do about it – whether I should be closed to other people or in certain ways closed, guard myself, or just watch myself also.

Mm mm. (a pause) Just remain natural, as you feel. You need not think of changing yourself. Just be natural and relaxed, and whatsoever the moment brings, go into it. Sometimes it will bring suffering and agony and ecstasy – one has to pass through all those things.

It is too early for you to observe. It is good for Krishna Saraswati to observe. If you observe, it will become repression. For you it is better to get involved in things and suffer a little more. Right?

Leela: Whatever you say!

He chuckles to her laughter.

Yes! Let him observe because he is an old sannyasin, a very ancient seeker! But you are very new and American – just remember it! And he is pure Indian: he can observe easily. You will not be able to right now; it will create trouble. And if you observe and try to control, then you will take revenge on him. You will be angry with him. Rather than being loving you will hate him, because it is because of him that you are doing all these things; your freedom is lost.

And these words – freedom, love, awareness – have different connotations for different people. When an Indian thinks of freedom he means one thing and when an American listens to the word ‘freedom’ he thinks of something else. They are not the same words because they fall on different minds. And psychology is not growing because psychology goes on thinking as if there is only one mind in the world. It is not true – there are as many minds as there are conditioning systems; one psychology won’t do. There have to be as many psychologies as there are minds. You can do one experiment in psychology in America – it won’t be relevant when you work on an Indian mind.

That is my problem here, because so many people are here from so many different countries with different conditionings. It is really a great problem. In the new commune I will have to create different types of groups. All groups are not for all. For example, all the groups that are being run in the ashram are good for the Western mind. Japanese people come and the groups are irrelevant, absolutely irrelevant, because they have a totally different kind of psychology; they need a different kind of group.

So this is for him (Saraswati) – he should observe – and for you, be involved in things and move moment to moment. Soon you will also become capable of observing, but a little more suffering is needed!

Osho, Hallelujah!, Ch 25 – 25.8.1978

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