Mind is an inbuilt television


“That’s what meditation is: watching all your acts, physical, mental….” says Osho.

Osho wearing a hood

When you can watch actions, thoughts, feelings – these three dimensions have to be watched – as your watchfulness grows, you will enter the fourth, turiya. The Mandukya Upanishad talks about the fourth. Watching the three you will enter the fourth – just by watching; it is not a question of trying. Trying means effort; watching means relaxedness, being utterly relaxed, just seeing whatsoever is passing.

Thoughts are passing always on the screen of the mind. Just be relaxed, sit in an easy chair as if you are watching the television. The mind is an inbuilt television! You can simply watch, and it is very colorful. Just by watching it you will see the watcher is not the watched, the observer is not the observed. A separation has started happening, a disidentification from the bodymind complex. And in that very disidentification you start centering, you start getting grounded in your very being. That will bring spontaneousness.

It is not a question of practising it. It is only a question of watching all that is happening in you, through you, so that you can see one day your seer, so that one day you can become aware of your own awareness. That is the ultimate peak of human growth; beyond that nothing else exists. One becomes a Buddha, and then whatsoever you do is good, whatsoever you do is love, whatsoever you do is service, is compassion.

Osho, Philosophia Ultima, Ch 11, Q 1 (excerpt)

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