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Remembering Here&Now

Ajit Jain remembers when Osho took him on a trip by car to Gwarighat, a small town near Jabalpur, and what happened when it suddenly started raining…

Ajit Jain with Osho in Jabalpur
Yukrand Magazine November 1969
Visiting Card
Route Jabalpur to Gwarighat
Evening at Gwarighat
Gwarighat Junction

One afternoon in Jabalpur Osho suddenly says to me, “Come, let me show you all about car driving.”

While taking the car out, I observe the loving way he opens and closes the car door,  as if he had picked up a veena and started playing.  We then proceed towards Gwarighat, on the bank of the Narmada river.

The car seems to be moving as if it were floating like a boat in the river. No sound, no frequent changing of the gears… just moving; and occasionally he says a few things about life and events.

When we reach Gwarighat he stops at the bank of the river for a while and looks gently at the flowing water as if having darshan.

After a few moments upon our return journey, it starts raining near the Gwarighat railway crossing.

Suddenly it rains heavily and Osho stops the car by the side of the road. In my mind, I start guessing: maybe it is difficult to drive the car due to poor visibility and that could be the reason why he parked the car. But soon the mysterious reason for parking the car is revealed!

Osho opens the door of the car and steps outside. He tells me, “Ajit, come out.” I answer that it is raining so strongly. Osho replies, “That’s why I am telling you, come out!”

He makes me stand in the rain and says, “This is the month of May – unexpectedly God has knocked [at our door] though it rains usually in June and July. So, welcome the unexpected rains like we welcome our guests as gods.”

He continues to talk and I keep listening. We both are soaking wet. When it stops raining, we get into the car with wet clothes and drive on.

Osho says, “Ajit, God himself knocks at the door of the devotees but we keep the windows and doors closed and seeing this, he leaves. Our ego, and the way we are, does not let him enter us and later we bemoan and blame our destiny.”

This conversation continues until we reach his home. By now our clothes have dried in the breeze and I ask his permission to leave. He parks the car and nods smilingly as I start heading towards my home.

I keep thinking that Osho definitely came to earth to give some message.

In Ajit’s so far unpublished memoir, he included several short stories from the time he was around Osho. He offered a few to Anuragi for publication. This first piece was translated by Anuragi and Keerti.


Ajit Jain (Swami Prem Akshat) is a former advocate and editor of the Hindi magazine, Yukrand.

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