OneWorld Meditation marks cycle of twenty-five centuries

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Satya Vedant is an avid supporter of the OneWorld Meditation program organized by the new Ask Bhagwan app, coming available just as humanity reaches a great turning point after twenty-five centuries.

It’s a grand vision to meditate in oneness and oceanic love worldwide, all at the same time, and now it’s possible, thanks to technology, hard work, and creative vision.

Conceived by the Ask Bhagwan app developer, a global meditation program for joining hearts together for a worldwide healing initiative commences on July 5, 2020, Guru Purnima, at the times listed on the global schedule.

This very earth can survive and bloom like a lotus paradise if we connect and channel our love and healing energy to bring about a silent revolution, says Satya Vedant. He invites all to participate in ongoing, self-guided OneWorld Meditations, 4 times a day, every day. Using the free Ask Bhagwan app, meditators can now stream discourses and music in support of their daily, self-guided meditations.

Vedant comments, “We are very excited to present OneWorld Meditation, a universal participation of caring lovers of this beautiful planet Earth because we see both the interconnectedness and interdependence have grown at global level. However, Osho’s foresight shows that increasing ‘connectivity’ at the current economic level must grow at human and spiritual levels as well, to avoid imbalance and bring a unity of the inner and outer world.

Osho has gone far beyond it and has presented a different ‘global’ view – more as a state of universal peace, prosperity and consciousness. Taking a wider view of the existing global realities, it is clear that, what is needed is to look at the world, all over, as one unit. In the global context, as an enlightened mystic and a visionary Osho brings to our awareness, is the urgent need for saving and nurturing the entire human life and existence – which precisely is the nature of OneWorld Meditation.

“Now man is just around one of the greatest turning points. It always happens after twenty-five centuries that humanity takes a turn; the circle becomes complete. The human consciousness had taken one turn at the time of Buddha. Now twenty-five centuries are over and the turn is just around the corner. It is just like the earth takes one round of the sun in a certain period in time: the whole human consciousness moves in a circle and comes to the original source in a certain time, that is, in twenty-five centuries – that is Now.

“Such a critical moment is here and now. It can become very radical. If we were to succeed in bringing about a harmonious synthesis of body-mind-spirit worldwide, we may use that turn for the benefit of humanity by being an active and joyful participant of OneWorld Meditation as sponsored by the Ask Bhagwan app.”

Satya Vedant, (Dr. Vasant Joshi, PhD), Chancellor of Osho International Meditation University, is a world-renowned author, professor, and international educator and trainer. Vedant has presented lectures and appeared on radio and television shows all over the world, and he has held Osho meditation workshops at the United Nations, The World Bank, and the Pentagon, as well as Dr. Deepak Chopra’s center in San Diego, USA. Vedant’s publications include books and a wide range of articles published in journals, magazines, and newspapers.

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