Technique of Dissolving

Tiny Meditations

A meditation given to a new disciple during sannyas darshan.

Bodhidharma by Amiten

Whenever you are sitting silently, not doing anything, just feel that you are dissolving, melting… disappearing into the total. Lose your boundaries… Lose the consciousness of your boundaries. Don’t think that you end with your skin. Expand yourself.

Sometimes sitting in the room, feel lost – just as a drop falls into the ocean and disappears. The more you think in terms of being dissolved, the more and more aware, peaceful, centerd, you will become. And it will come easily – it will not be a difficult thing.

Lying down in the bed, just before going to sleep, feel yourself dissolving. And fall asleep while you are dissolving, mm? Then the flavor will hover around you the whole night. You will have a deeper sleep; a deeper tranquility will arise out of it. And in the morning you will feel you have been somewhere in a totally silent space.

So whenever you can find any opportunity, transform it into your meditation. Mm? sitting in the sun, feel you are dissolving in the sunrays. Holding the hand of a friend, feel you are dissolving into the friend. Making love, feel you are dissolving into love.

As many times in the day as possible, remember to dissolve. By and by your boundaries will become blurred. By and by you will start feeling not limited to the body, not caged, imprisoned in the body – overflowing. And when you are overflowing, god overflows in you.

Osho, The Buddha Disease, Ch 8

Meditations compiled by Nirav Jayant from Osho’s darshan diaries and discourses – – illustration: Bodhidharma by Amiten

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