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Letter by Global Connections, dated March 6, 2021, on behalf of the Management Team, sent out to Friends and Centre Leaders.

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Osho shares that the highest intelligence is the creative response to now – to the isness of things – not viewed through the veil of hope which is blinding.

Obviously, after a full year of lockdown and with the pandemic being far from over, an intelligent and realistic plan has been found to ensure the survival and care of the meditation resort in the current circumstances – no matter how long it is needed.

That is why the decision has been taken by the Trustees of the Foundation to sell the Basho property. The key is survival and continued care in the face of a very cloudy and unknown future. There are many unknowns going forwards, including the major economic disruption caused by the pandemic with protracted limitations on international travel, border controls and compulsory quarantines on top of significant concerns about safety. These issues are further exacerbated by the recent emergence of more infectious covid variants. These variants are now reinfecting people who have previously had covid and are threatening to compromise the efficacy and distribution of vaccines – already a mammoth, long-term undertaking.

The trustees have been, and continue to be, in a constant effort – including seeking expert advice – to understand the latest science, beyond just the press coverage, about the covid pandemic and these ever-increasing covid variants. In addition, monitoring the latest science on how to create the safest possible environment, including advanced A/C filtration technologies and UV light air purification, for our eventual reopening.

As is required for a charitable foundation in India, the proposed sale is now awaiting the Charity Commissioner’s permission. Basho is just 10% of the meditation resort property. The campus is very large and provides for many locations for the replacement of the Basho components, including the pool, the jacuzzi and so on. New designs for these are being worked on.

The funds that will be coming from this sale will ensure a continuous income stream for the maintenance and care of the campus, no matter how long it takes before we can go back to “normal” – whatever that new “normal” will turn out to be.

Legal counsel that represents the foundation at the Charity Commission advises that any other information shared should only happen after the Charity Commissions decision.

The Management Team

Pune, March 6, 2021

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