The darkness has no force


Osho states, “I say unto you there is no evil, and there are no evil forces in the world.”

Osho in Uruguay

Beloved Osho,

Each new era of the last few centuries has after a slow start emerged very suddenly – the industrial revolution and the era of communications are two obvious examples.

Being with you I always have the feeling that we are sitting around a warm cosy fireside, at the feet of the man who invented fire, while all around are the howls of agony at the icy world everybody else is enduring.

As man scrambles to examine every nook and cranny of the world about him, from the deepest ocean to the farthest star, the absence of anybody looking into man himself is becoming so perverse that the silence is deafening. And the suspense of waiting for the penny to drop is simply breathtaking.

When the obvious becomes suddenly obvious, I think we are going to see an explosion of intense interest in you and all the inner beauties you have for so long been pointing at – and the world will be transformed forever.

Osho, is this possible?

It is possible, and evolution happens only in this way. First, things go very slowly, then they start accumulating momentum, speed, and a point is reached when the speed and momentum are so much that it becomes explosive.

The days of waiting are long, the nights of patience seem to be unending – but they end, the morning comes.

What is happening here around me will gather speed and momentum soon. It is only a question of how deep our waiting is, how patient our silence is, because the darkness has no force.

Religions have created a very stupid idea in the mind of man, that evil has force. Evil has no force. There is no such thing as evil. Truth has force and energy – a mountain of lies cannot prevent it – it just takes time for it to grow.

It cannot be stopped, it cannot be hindered, the ultimate explosion is absolutely certain.

Man has to become superman.

Consciousness has to reach to the world of superconsciousness.

And blessed are those who can wait, who can be silently watching the door when the guest comes. The guest certainly comes, has never failed. And there are no evil forces working against the truth, working against the forces of good.

It is only darkness, ignorance – you cannot call them forces. You have to be compassionate towards them, they are not enemies, they are just like big blocks of marble waiting for a right sculptor to cut a few chips here, a few chips there, and a hidden beautiful statue, which was always there, emerges. The artist only helps that which was hidden to emerge. Nobody is preventing it.

But the idea that evil is working against the forces of good has made people impatient, and afraid too.

I say unto you there is no evil, and there are no evil forces in the world. There are only people of awareness and there are people who are fast asleep – and sleep has no force. The whole energy is in the hands of the awakened people. And one awakened person can awaken the whole world. One lighted candle can make millions of candles lighted, without losing its light.

And the time is not far away, because the sleeping humanity has suffered much and is going to suffer more, and as the suffering grows deeper… it is a blessing in disguise. Man can tolerate only a certain quantity of suffering, and then he wakes up. And man has suffered enough.

Before this century ends we will see the emergence of the superman.

Osho, The Transmission of the Lamp, Ch 22, Q 1

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