Satsang Celebration

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A new release by Arpita and Jamie, who wrote the presentation.

Satsang Celebration by Arpita and Jamie

Satsang Celebration

Release date: January 31, 2022
Music and Design by
Arpita and Jamie
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Arpita: Tamboura, Monochord, Koto, Shakers
Jamie: acoustic and electric guitars
Prabodh: bass guitar
Nandin Baker: flute


1. An Invitation – 9:15
2. Silence (actual silence) – 8:00
3. No-Self Osho Quote 1 – 4:36
4. Silence – 5:00
5. Humming Meditation – 10:00
6. Silence – 5:00
7. No-Self Osho Quote 2 – 4:38
8. Celebration – 4:57
9. Bell – 0:55
10. Bonus Celebration Track – 7:36


by Jamie

What is spirituality? What is meditation? What is a spiritual master? The answer to these questions could be the answer to the question “What is Satsang?” One way to describe the spiritual path is to simply say it is leaving the world behind and moving inside, encountering one’s true nature. Satsang traditionally means “a meeting in truth,” or “in the presence of truth.“ So the world becomes that which is “untrue” and the inner becomes that which is “true.” The master is he who is pointing to the truth by his presence. Another traditional meaning of Satsang is “In the presence of the master,” which is another way of saying “In the presence of truth.”

The Tibetans have a wonderful measure for evaluating our experience. They separate reality from truth in this way: “It is real. But is it true?“ They recognize the meditator cannot create an adversarial relationship with reality and invalidate experience simply because it arises and passes away. It is real, even though it changes. They assign the value of truth however only to that which does not arise and does not pass away, to that which does not change. The world becomes everything that is the outer; that includes the physical, the emotional, and the mental. It includes everything that arises, has a life and passes away, and is ruled by change.

That experience belongs to the realm of the world. It is real but not true. That which does not pass away belongs to the inner. What the Tibetans mean by their key is providing a way of evaluating whether an experience belongs to the world of the outer or the inner. And even that statement needs attention, because the experience of truth is not an experience, it is who we are. So it could be said that to access the inner is a realization, not an experience. It is real in an ultimate sense, and it is true.

Satsang is a gathering of those seeking the realization of truth.

Traditionally silence was a goal of meditation, if meditation can be said to have a goal. Talking about these things is delicate because words are two-dimensional and the phenomenon of meditation is multidimensional. Osho added another ingredient to almost all his meditations: celebration, ecstasy. Silence and celebration is the divine recipe Osho has cooked up for his lovers and meditators. He once said to me, “Silence is good, but not the silence of the graveyard. It should be full of celebration.”

This is the mix of qualities cooked into the music made by lovers of Osho.

The CD Satsang Celebration is made with musicians that have all made music in the presence of Osho, in silence, in reverence, and love. While making the CD it was a simple process of entering into those spaces and then making the music for the meditation. The music became infused with these qualities. The musicians are Arpita, (koto, tamboura, swarmandel, percussions), Prabodh (bass guitar), Nandine (flute), and Jamie (guitar). It is made in such a way that the CD is a one-hour meditation, including tracks of humming and silence.

The CD Satsang Celebration is real. It’s a beautifully made CD with music and silence and words from Osho in the traditional structure of satsang. Overdubbing was used sometimes, but the majority of the music was played together with one take. That way the musicians were together, relating and feeling the music in a way similar to creating the Satsang meditation in the presence of Osho.

The physical CD belongs to the world. The music on the CD belongs to the world. Even the words from Osho exist in the world. And… they are doors to the inner. The music and silence combined are pointing to the inner, to that which is not only real but true, to that which does not change. This is our offering we make with our new CD.

Satsang Celebration. A meeting in truth.

Arpita & Jamie

Arpita and Jamie have been playing music together for Osho meditations in India, Germany, and the USA since 2008.

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