You too are that

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (150)

Osho 1960s


God is far off because we don’t know
how to see him close by.
Actually there is nothing closer than him.
More than that – he is the here and now.
The name God is just for those
who can’t find the here and now.
Words, names, doctrines, scriptures, religion, philosophy,
all these are created for those
who can see him only at a distance.
Hence they have no connection with God
but only with those who are blind to the near.
That’s why I say: Drop the distant.
Drop paradises in the sky.
Drop salvations in the future,
and see the near in time and in space.
Be here and now and see!
See the instant in time,
see the atom in space.
In the time moment time ceases to exist.
In the space atom space ceases to exist.
In here is no space, no time, here and now.

What is left is truth,
is God,
is that.
You too are that.
Tat twam asi – that art thou.

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