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– 14 February 2023.

Veetman under open sky

Veetman (Ulrich Masshöfer) left his body in quiet presence and in loving devotion.

The name Veetman, given to him in 1978, means ‘Going beyond the Ego’.

He was a trained hypnotherapist and in 1986 Osho entrusted him the School for Life and Death Processes, later known as the Institute for Living and Dying. For over 30 years he facilitated workshops and trainings in spiritual support and care for the dying and accompanied people in their dying process.

“The subject of ‘living and dying’ fascinated me from the beginning of my spiritual quest in 1978. I felt drawn to this mystery and realised that we still experience deeper levels of being at the threshold of life and death.

“I love working with people as they move into the depths of consciousness. This is an area where I feel comfortable and able to offer support. I have found great beauty in this task over the past years – and above all, an incorruptible teacher on the path to a life of love and truth,” wrote Veetman.

And, “Only a fearless being can be really loving, present, authentic and creative. The conscious encounter with our mortality gives us the courage and clarity for a conscious decision to live our life NOW as intensely, lovingly and fulfilling as possible.

“The pattern of postponing qualitatively essential things is destructive to a life that is meant to be an expression of aliveness, joy and compassion.”

Veetman is the author of various books, audiobooks, videos, CDs and guided meditations.

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Bliss is beyond the ego

Sannyas darshan with Osho

VeetmanAnand means bliss, veetman means beyond the ego.

Bliss is beyond the ego. The ego consists only of misery; the ego is another name for hell. The more egoistic one is, the more one suffers. Nobody else is responsible for the suffering. All that is needed to get out of suffering is to drop the ego. By dropping the ego all misery simply disappears – it cannot exist without it. One is simply silent, empty, but that emptiness is not negative; it is overflowing. The ego is absent but god is present. And to have the feel of god in your being is what bliss is all about.

Remember these two things: one has to go beyond the ego; there is no way otherwise. This has to be allowed to sink into the heart as deeply as possible. Once this understanding takes roots in you – that the greatest thing has happened – then the path is very simple. And to drop the ego is not very difficult; only this understanding – that the ego only creates misery and nothing else – is enough to drop it. We carry it because we think ‘This is our cherished treasure.’ It is not! It is simply poison. We are deluded.

Just watch the functioning of the ego. And whenever you are feeling very miserable, look inside and you will find the ego hurt, wounded or something has happened to the ego; it is always the ego behind the misery. And whenever you are feeling blissful, watch: you will not find the ego inside. Once this becomes your understanding – not my statement, but your understanding, that you always find the ego with the misery, misery with the ego, bliss without the ego, and whenever you are without ego suddenly the bliss starts descending in you – once this has become your understanding, your experience, in a single step the journey is over.

Osho, Hallelujah! Ch 10 – 10 August 1978




My heart is dancing with you, Veetman.

I know your Soul is flying high to sun and stars, dancing in the winds and with our master Osho.

I was blessed to know Veetman and work with him at the beginning and construction of his work in Munich. In a small room next to the Center – with a lot of paper around. I could see and be at his side, as he started writing and developing his work in the Munich center, around 1986. My first writings were with him, that time on a giant box – one of the first computers – when we started translating his thoughts and explanations about dying. For me it was a recognition of what I had already experienced in a near-death experience myself. It was an enlightening moment for me.

Thank you forever, for being such a friend of my soul and heart.

Fly, fly high… let the earth touch the sky…

Bodhi Pradeepti
Überlingen Germany


My heart is so heavy at the passing of Veetman.
Grief needs time to heal, and understanding is needed.
l now go in search for ‘that which never dies’.

He was so attentive, so available, so loving to me when I was going through my care-giving days. Rest In Peace, Beloved. Love,



My ancient friend:

So grateful you invited me to lead Living and Dying workshops with you. I learned so much. You have always possessed a certain nobility in your words and stature – almost Prussian-like! I appreciate your clarity, your courage and your vulnerability too – yes, you had it all.

Fare thee well, my ancient friend. Thank you forever for the Bardo teachings.


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