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Chapter 16 from Devageet’s book, Osho: The First Buddha in the Dental Chair, where he recalls Osho saying that our teeth contain memories back to the beginning of evolution.

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Osho’s Last Dental Drama: Act IV
Osho’s Akashic Transmission: ‘Your Teeth Contain Memories Back to the Beginning of Evolution.’

I quickly switched on the lights, seated him in the dental chair, and then sat on the floor at his right side. “Shall I get a notebook?” I asked bemused.

No, just listen carefully. No need to write anything down. Let it go deep. You will remember what you need to remember. During these last few days the pain in my teeth has been terrible. I have not been able to sleep. Lying in my bed for hours, for the first time in my life I have thought about teeth. Who normally thinks about teeth, except dentists, and madmen like me?

What I am about to tell can prove to be of great significance to you and to every true seeker. I do not think it has ever been told before, perhaps not even known. Maybe in some ancient mystery school it may have once been known. It is possible that this information has been hidden, more likely it has been lost. I have never come across it before, and I have read all the esoteric books possible.

Listen carefully, and when I have finished you will put it out as a world press release. I followed the pain in my teeth down through the bones of my jaw into the middle of the chest. The pain from the teeth appeared like lines of fire, lines of light leading to a place in the center of my chest. The place in my chest appeared as a ball of light. The ball of light is connected by a river of light to a much vaster light, like a huge sun, outside of the body. That sun is the collective unconscious mind of the whole human race. It seems that our teeth connect each individual to the whole collective unconsciousness of humanity.

I am speaking of the real human collective unconscious mind, not the collective of Carl Gustav Jung. Jung’s collective unconscious mind is merely the collective common ancestry of mankind’s myths and legends. It is a kind of mental mythological history that has been left behind by humanity’s on its long journey.

You will find a way
for the teeth to release their memories,
to open the door for human beings
to go beyond their biological bondage.

No, the real human collective unconscious that I am speaking of is much vaster, much older; it is the record of humanity’s biological evolutionary history. The real human collective unconscious mind is the millions of

years of Man’s experiential memories, stored and recorded as a code in the DNA in each cell of the human body. It is our human biological collective inheritance. The record of the path that humanity has followed during the whole long journey of evolution is the true human collective unconscious mind.

And our body remembers! Memories are stored in the DNA of each cell. Each human body contains memories. It remembers our evolutionary history back to the beginning of time, long before there were human beings.

Devageet, it seems that each person’s teeth are their individual link, their evolutionary link to existence itself; the teeth hold memories connecting each person to the human collective unconscious mind. The teeth of each person contain a complete record of all their memories back to the time when he was a monkey, maybe before. The teeth are a personal akashic record of everything that has happened to an individual during their whole evolution.

And it continues, the teeth record all that is happening, even now. It does not stop. It is happening now. Memories stored in teeth? It may seem a little strange, but it is not. Crystals are able to store millions of facts. Your computer chips store millions of pieces of information. Just a small computer chip can hold so much. Yes, the enamel in the teeth is made of millions of tiny crystals, and each one is like a computer chip, and there are millions of them. A computer chip may be very small but it can hold millions of facts, and in your teeth you have millions of crystals. The brain is a bio-computer, and the teeth contain all its memories, from today going back through millions of years of evolution.

If the teeth could be used rightly, Devageet, treated in a new way, to release the memories they hold, it is possible to find the roots of many diseases there. Much of the madness that affects people can be treated through the teeth. If we knew how to use the teeth rightly the madhouses would be empty: Just taking out the right tooth, just taking out the right nerve, cleaning out the infection in the teeth and the gums can clean the whole body and the mind. Working with the teeth is very healing for the whole person.

I found that certain of my teeth contain memories with my mother, my father, my family, other relatives, and friends. Sometimes within the same tooth the different root nerves are connected to different people and different events. This one – (he tapped his lower right first molar – has memories of my mother.

This is of great significance for meditators because the roots of all human conditionings are there; physical, emotional, mental and other deeper conditionings. The ancient most biological male and female conditionings are found in the teeth. The oldest relationship conditionings can be found there.

The deepest,
ancient most conditioning
for a woman is
the need to be needed.

The deepest, ancient most conditioning for a woman is the need to be needed. It is the need to be needed that interferes with every female seeker’s deep meditation. I will have to explain a little more:

Most Masters from the past were men; or rather, they had a male body, but a true Master is neither man nor woman. He has gone beyond gender. He has gone beyond any kind of biology. A Master has gone beyond any relationship; and not just with women; any relationship, friendship, mother and father, what to say of what you call love?

The Master is utterly alone. There is not even the possibility of relationship, not even with the mother, the father, and friends. It may be a little difficult to understand for you, but you can try. You may not understand today, but maybe tomorrow, or the next day… and there are only seven days in the week.

The Master, and any enlightened being, has gone beyond mind, and the mind is the ego. It is the mind, with all its conditioning, that contains all ideas of relationships and dependencies. They are all rooted in our ancient biological memories. In enlightenment the relationship with one’s own self also disappears. It too is a type of relationship.

The enlightened one has no mind in this sense. All conditionings have gone, and gone forever. When the ego finally disappears there is nobody, no self. The Master has cut the roots of biological bondage. For him all unconsciousness has disappeared. All that remains is the nothingness that Buddha calls ‘anatta’.

The need to be needed
means that every woman seeker,
deep down, wants the Master
to be her personal property.

Enlightenment means that nothing stands in the way between existence and the enlightened one. He stands alone and naked before existence. In a certain sense he is no more. He has dissolved into the void, into existence. His trust is immense. His ego has dissolved into his trust. What was ego is now trust. He has become trust. He has become love. There is no ego in the way. He has dissolved into the beyond, into existence itself. He is a continuity with existence. For the enlightened one there is total discontinuity with the mind and all that went before. The past has been completely dropped.

Relationship is utterly impossible.

The need to be needed means that every woman seeker, deep down, wants the Master to be her personal property; she calls it love. It feels like deep love but it is biological conditioning at the deepest level. You can see it with my closest devotees, though they are not aware of it. She wants the Master to be her lover, according to her biological conditioning. And it is simply not possible.

The Master’s love is not the love that comes from the body. It is no longer the chemistry of biology, of hormones, of neurochemicals in the nervous system… no! The Master’s love is not that at all; it cannot be. He is no longer the body. Love is the law of existence. The Master has merged with existence. Love is the very stuff existence is made of, but it is far beyond what human beings call love.

It is very difficult for a woman disciple to be with a Master because her whole conditioning is calling for ’love,’ to be needed. More than anything else she needs to be needed. And most Masters are in male bodies. This is because the male energy is more outgoing; it is more able to withstand the tremendous strains on the physical body when enlightenment happens.

Enlightenment means
that nothing stands in the way
between existence
and the enlightened one.

Throughout history most Masters that we know of have been men. But existence is always utterly balanced and fair. As many women as men have become enlightened. There is no question about it, but their bodies have died. Becoming a Master is not the same as becoming enlightened.

In a certain way enlightenment is simple, but living as an enlightened being is altogether different. It takes tremendous effort to stay in the body. And when you add the dimension of being a Master, it becomes even more complicated. Not only is it physically arduous to stay in the body, but the masses of humanity want to kill you! They do not want anybody to remind them that their lives are pointless, meaningless and unfulfilled, full of suffering, misery and pain. They do not want to hear about enlightenment. It is easier for them to kill the enlightened one.

In a certain way being a Master is an existential joke.

Last night I found out that this is why the old-style Masters did not have women in their communes of seekers. It was too difficult. The biological conditioning of their female disciples made it too complicated. All my life I had believed that Buddha and Mahavira were, in a certain way, cowardly. I had always believed they had excluded women from their sangha because of the social pressures, the difficulties with the priests and the politicians.

Last night, after I discovered the biological conditioning in the teeth, I went to speak to Buddha and Mahavira.

Buddha said he knew of the deep female conditioning and, at that time, in his time, there were no methods available for him to work with it. He told me he had to wait 2500 years, for me. In Buddha’s day there was no psychotherapy, no psychological methods for exposing the deepest layers of conditioning. Buddha had to work with men because at least their conditioning was available to the methods of that time, for women his methods were less effective.

I spoke to Mahavira too. He said the same. I told him that for my whole life I had thought he and Buddha had been cowardly in keeping women out of their communes. He laughed. He told me that the priests and the politicians were not the problem at all; they were simple compared to women. It was the deepest biological conditioning in the female that forced him to make the decision to not include women among his commune of seekers. He told me that his simple methods were too primitive to release women from their conditioning. Like Buddha, Mahavira said he had been waiting, all the Masters have been waiting, for a man like me who has all the psychological methods to help women to drop their conditioning and be free.

This is why I have the psychotherapy groups. They do the work of destroying your conditioning, of wiping you clean. Their methods can make you aware of your conditioning very quickly. Now I will create a group which will liberate women from the need to be needed. A women’s liberation group; the real liberation! The so-called Women’s Liberation Movement is not liberating at all. It has not liberated a single woman. It is merely the foolish attempt of political women to behave more like men.

The real liberation, for women, and for men, is the liberation from the past, from the rotten old diseased mind that keeps the whole of humanity, men and women, in bondage. And at its very root the bondage is biological. For the ultimate transformation to happen the biological bondage must be broken.

I am not afraid of the priests and the politicians, not a bit! I am not afraid of anybody. What can they do to man like me? I have attained to all the blessings that are possible for anybody. The most they can do is to kill my body, and I am not the body… so they are helpless against me. This is why they fear me.

I will go on doing my work for as long as existence wants it to happen. And I do it totally. And when existence says, ‘No more,’ I shall immediately be gone, without even a backward glance. I have loved it all, and my love will continue, but when it is finished, it is finished. I neither started it, nor will I end it. My whole life, every breath I take, is in the hands of existence.

This is why all the governments, all the religions, all those who want to destroy the individual – and it is only the individual who is the real humanity – are against me. I am not afraid of them, and they all control humanity through fear. Politicians and priests are the whole repressive past of humanity. I am the beginning of a whole new way for humanity. I herald the New Man, a total freedom unto himself.

A man like me is a threat to all the priests and politicians, to their whole effort. It has always been thus. An enlightened Master has to stand against the whole rotten past of humanity. He is the future; they are for the past. They sacrifice the whole living future of humanity to the dead past.

The real future of humanity is not in the hands of governments or the big organizations. It cannot be. It is up to each individual to realize their hidden potential, their hidden splendor. When human beings stop being followers, stop being sheep, then they are ready to claim their real inheritance as individuals. Every individual has the potential to be a Buddha.

Nobody can save anybody. All your so-called saviours are bogus! You can only save yourself, and nobody else. The most anybody can do is to fan the flame that rests in the heart of every human being. It is there, waiting. It can wait forever. It knows nothing of time. That flame in your heart is eternal. It is the eternal flame of longing for the universal, for the vast emptiness of infinity. Only enlightenment can fulfill that longing.

This discovery about teeth
can be of immense help
to every meditator
because the teeth
can be used
to bring consciousness
and awareness
to the oldest human

This discovery about teeth can be of immense help to every meditator because the teeth can be used to bring consciousness and awareness to the oldest human conditionings. It is these ancient conditionings, our deepest unconscious, that are the invisible barriers to meditation. It is our biological bondage. Devageet, you will find a way for the teeth to release their memories, to open the door for human beings to go beyond their biological bondage. Meditation can only reach the depths where authentic transformation happens when I breaks through the biological bondage.

And meditation is the only way to the ultimate transformation for a human being. The memories are locked in the deep layers of the collective unconscious mind, and the teeth can be used as the key. With awareness the true seeker can bring all the unconscious memories in the teeth to consciousness. This will be a tremendous breakthrough in their meditation. This will enable people to go deep enough in their meditation for the real transformation to happen.

You may not know it Devageet, but most people who try to meditate cannot go very deep because their biology pulls them back. It acts as a barrier. Meditation is from the stars, and biology is from the earth. Our biology, like all biology, is programmed for the survival of the species. It knows nothing of the stars. It knows only the earth. Biology has four million years of evolution behind it, and each person has that whole program for survival written in his and her very cells.

Biology knows nothing
of higher consciousness.

Biology is blind, it pulls you to the earth. Biology knows nothing of higher consciousness. Meditation is from the stars. Meditation can take you home, it has eyes. But it takes an exceptional meditator to overcome the gravitational pull of thousands of years of biology. Your higher consciousness has a force too; it is levitation. As gravity pulls you downward, levitation pulls you upwards. Meditation brings the upward vertical movement to your consciousness. There is always balance in existence.

Normally, the scales are weighted in favor of biology. What are ten years, fifteen years of meditation, against the four million-year inheritance of biology? Your biology is your bondage.

But it is possible – for the exceptional people almost anything is possible. The Masters, those few immense peaks of human consciousness, by their spiritual achievement, they have shown throughout human history that meditation and enlightenment is possible. The Masters are the proof. And Meditation is the only possibility, the only door through which enlightenment can enter. There is no other way.

For the meditator it is the attachment to the body-mind that is their biological bondage, and until this attachment is dissolved it is too difficult for an ordinary person to go deep enough in their meditation for enlightenment to happen.

Meditation is
from the stars.

The older religions knew something of this but their priests, being unenlightened, have taken a wrong step, made the wrong interpretation. All religions are formed by unenlightened people. No enlightened being forms a religion. It is the followers that form the religions. The religious traditions all try to fight biology. They tell you to renounce the body, to abuse it, and torture it into submission, to force it to surrender. This is sheer madness. Who is the abuser? Who is the renouncer? It is the ego, the personality-self, the mind that has been conditioned into the religious belief system. It is a terrible mistake to fight with the body and the mind; in fact, it is the opposite of meditation, it strengthens the ego. Perhaps that is the real goal of organized religions.

Out of a thousand people who try to meditate, one may succeed, may go deep enough, may reach the abysmal depths where enlightenment can happen. For the others their biological bondage is too much.

Out of a thousand who manage to really meditate, one may get enlightened. And remember, meditation is the only possibility for enlightenment.

Out of a thousand who get enlightened, one may live… because the impact of higher consciousness on an unprepared body-mind is too much. The higher vibration of enlightenment puts tremendous strain on the physical body. Most people die when they get enlightened. The vibration of higher consciousness is usually too much for a human body-mind that has not been prepared. But with the right preparation it is possible for a human body to live many years after enlightenment. Gautama the Buddha, he managed 42 years. Mahavira, he also lived long. It is possible. If it is possible for one, it is possible for all.

Out of a thousand enlightened ones who manage to live, one may speak. What can one say about the immensity that has happened? Where can one find the words? And who will understand? Who bothers to listen? Most ordinary people think the enlightened ones are mad. It is a strange paradox; in an insane world the few who attain to sanity are regarded as mad, and the truly mad, those who are the maddest, become the leaders, the rulers, the presidents and the popes.

Out of a thousand enlightened beings who live and speak, one may be a Master.

A Master is a rare individual, the rarest. He is the rarest, most valuable jewel for humanity.

Why? Because the Master has been prepared by existence, through thousands of lives, so that after enlightenment, for his remaining years, he can help others find their own inner light. It is their own light that will bring home to others the way to their own enlightenment. And without enlightenment your whole life is wasted. Enlightenment is the only real fulfillment possible. Other than enlightenment everything else is a false coin, it has no value. The old way to enlightenment is a bullock cart method; it is too slow, too arduous for modern people. If this poor suffering humanity is to survive there needs to be a better way, a quicker, a more modern way to enlightenment, a way which is available to more people, a way which will enable people to live when they become enlightened. Now, everybody wants things to be quick, even enlightenment. Maybe they are right, because there is not much time left.

Humanity needs living enlightened individuals if it is to survive. They will raise the collective consciousness of the whole world. And it doesn’t need many; two hundred enlightened ones will bring a total transformation to humanity. Two hundred enlightened beings will be enough for humanity to drop its suicidal past and herald the dawn of the New Man.

And even now it may be too late. The priests and the politicians are bringing mankind to a global suicide. This whole beautiful planet may die because of their insanity. Individual seekers need to find a new way to break through their ancient biological bondage, to help their meditation to go deep enough for the ultimate transformation to happen.

And, Devageet, there is a way. You will find a way. It is no accident that existence has shown me this at this time. You will find a way, using the teeth to release their memories and to dissolve the biological bondage that holds people tethered.

The teeth
are the key
to open
the door
to each person’s
akashic record.

The teeth are the key to open the door to each person’s akashic record, which goes back to the beginning of evolution, even before the time when man was still a monkey.

Devageet, using the teeth you will find a way to release those memories to consciousness, to help people to become aware of their roots into existence. Using the teeth in this way will be of immense help for every meditator. First, it will strengthen a person’s body to withstand the impact of the energy of higher consciousness, to live after enlightenment happens; and second, it will enable the person’s meditation to go deep enough for authentic transformation, for enlightenment to become a real possibility.

But remember, no therapy can make people enlightened. The most any therapy can do is to remove the barriers to meditation. And by using the teeth in this way you can bring awareness to even the ancient conditionings buried deep in the collective unconscious mind. It may be for the first time that this information about teeth has been made available to humanity. Existence is strange; who knows why it has chosen this moment. And to a dentist! Maybe it is because time is so short.

Devageet, send this information to the worlds’ press agencies. Make a news bulletin and release it to the world. They need to know. What they will do with the information will depend on their state of consciousness; it is not your concern what they will do, you simply put it out.

The press release was sent out as directed. A few newspapers the next day carried a small paragraph: ‘Guru Speaks of Man’s Monkey Molars.’

Author’s note: Osho spoke these words to Devageet in October 1989. They were written, as recalled, on February 18, 2001.

Devageet’s work continues with the Akashic Team. More info about trainings, groups, processes and sessions: oshodontics.org

Osho: The First Buddha in the Dental ChairOsho: The First Buddha in the Dental Chair
by Devageet
Sammasati Publishing; 1st edition (May 2, 2013)
Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 260 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0615632238
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0615632230
Available as Hardback and Kindle: OshoVihaAmazon
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Devageet (1938-2020) was Osho’s dentist. He developed ‘Oshodontics’, a groundbreaking therapeutic approach to self-healing and the self-transformation of individual consciousness by accessing body-held memories from physical organs, the teeth and jaws. oshodontics.org

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