Live watchfully

Tiny Meditations

“Whatsoever you are doing – walking, sitting, eating…”


Just the last thing to remember – because that is so absolutely essential I should not be forgiven for forgetting it: live watchfully.

Whatsoever you are doing – walking, sitting, eating, or if you are not doing anything, just breathing, resting, relaxing in the grass, never forget that you are a watcher.

You will forget it again and again. You will get involved in some thought, some feeling, some emotion, some sentiment – anything will distract you from the watcher. Remember, and run back to your center of watching. Make it an inner process continuously….

You will be surprised at how life changes its whole quality. I can move this hand without any watchfulness, and I can also move this hand absolutely watching from inside the whole movement. The movements are totally different. The first movement is a robot movement, mechanical. The second movement is a conscious movement. And when you are conscious you feel that hand from within; when you are not conscious you only know the hand from without.

You have known your face only in the mirror, from the without, because you are not a watcher. If you start watching, you will feel your face from within – and that is such an experience, to watch yourself from within. Then slowly, strange things start happening. Thoughts disappear, feelings disappear, emotions disappear, and there is a silence surrounding you. You are just like an island in the middle of the ocean of silence… just a watcher, as if a flame of light at the center of your being, radiating the whole of your being.

In the beginning it will only be an inner experience. Slowly you will see that radiation spreading out of your body, those rays reaching other people. You will be surprised and shocked that other people, if they are a little bit sensitive, will immediately become aware that something has touched them which was not visible.

For example, if you are watching yourself…. Just walk behind somebody, watching yourself, and it is almost certain the person will turn and look back suddenly, for no reason. When you are watching yourself, your watchfulness starts radiating, and it is bound to touch the person who is ahead of you. And if he is touched by something which is invisible, he is going to look back: “What is the matter?” And you are that far away, you cannot even touch him with your hand.

You can try that experiment: somebody is sleeping and you can sit by their side, just watching yourself, and the person will suddenly wake up, open his eyes and look all around as if somebody has touched him.

Slowly you will also become able to feel the touch through the rays. That is what is called the vibe. It is not a nonexistential thing. The other person feels it; you will also feel that you have touched the other person.

The English word, being ‘touched’, is used very significantly. You may use it without understanding what it means when you say “I was touched” by the person. He may not have said a single word to you. He may have just passed by. He may have just looked once at your eyes, and you feel ‘touched’ by the person. It is not just a word – it actually happens. And then those rays go on spreading to people, to animals, to trees, to rocks… and one day you will see, you are touching the whole universe from within.

Your aloneness remains absolutely as it was. It becomes bigger, vast. This is the experience I call the experience of godliness.

Osho, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Ch 30

Many thanks to Sona – Photo by Nitish Goswami on Unsplash

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