Human Design: May 2023
Transits of the Month


This month’s planet transits discussed by Marga.

mutation with hexagram

If you want to live in a life with no change, you are asking the impossible.”

– Osho, No Man Is an Island, Ch 31

Since May 2022, we have been surfing the 64 Gates while the Sun was passing through them, during the course of the whole year, analysing their meanings and impact on our lives. They repeat every year, almost identical, except for a few minutes difference. (See solar transits 2022/2023)

So, from this month on, we will talk about the transits of other planets and astral bodies, especially when they form Channels or change Gate. Some astral bodies, such as Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars move quickly; some, such as Jupiter, Saturn and the Lunar Nodes take a little longer; some, such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, have an even slower pace.

This month, at least until 25 May, the stage is dominated by the Channel of Mutation, 3-60, activated by Jupiter in Gate 3, Beginnings, seated in the Sacral Centre, and by Pluto in Gate 60, Limitation, in the Root Centre.

We are going to see some intense stuff! This is a time when profound transformation is possible, and in some cases, it will come unexpectedly.

Despite the relative shortness of the transit – what are 25 days in front of eternity? – the changes that will take place this month will have a lasting effect or will at least have a great impact. The Channel of Mutation is in fact one of the so-called ‘format’ channels. These are the channels that can overpower all other energies and enforce decisive and mutative influences.

The trend will be reinforced, on 8 May, by Uranus leaving Gate 2, Receptivity, a position it had kept for over a year. (Gate 2 is related to direction, and Uranus brings change.)

So, if this past year you had a transient life style, felt homeless or simply felt you were in the wrong place, this month will bring about a transition. In fact, is has been going on for a long while, but it can take place only now, thanks also to the energy of the Sacral Centre (Gate 3) and the Root Centre (Gate 60).

The changes could involve a shift in space, such as changing home, city, country, but they could also refer to ‘directions’ of another kind: a turning point in one’s profession, or spiritual path, or the attainment of a different dimension in one’s relationship, be it a change of status, partner, or simply the end of a stagnant period and a beginning of a new phase.

Saturn in Gate 55, Abundance, also known as Spirit, until 5 May and in Gate 37, Family, from 6 May until the end of the month, and Neptune in Gate 36, Crisis Resolution, throughout the whole month and beyond, will make sure that nothing of what happens will be devoid of emotion and intensity. Gate 55, 37 and 36 are in fact all Gates of the Solar Plexus, or Emotional Centre.

About Uranus, which enters Gate 23, Assimilation, on 9 May, and will remain there until 6 June 2024, for the time being, let’s just say that the changes it brings will force us to come to terms with anything that is not in line with the new directions. Or with anything that we have tolerated for too long. The image is “Splitting Apart” like a mountain which, without moving, crumbles under our feet turning into pebbles and dirt. If we have not yet understood, it’s time to go! Or to stay – this time for real.

The fast planets move through space with not much ado, except for Mercury which is retrograde until 14 May, but will not cause any significant activations.

Speaking of retrograde planets, Pluto will become retrograde on 2 May (and will be until 10 October) but as long as it will be connected to the beneficial energy of Jupiter at least until 25 May, we will deal with it in June, without worrying before time!

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Marga is a writer, translator, editor, astrologer, and Human Design consultant.

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