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Netflix sued over ‘Wild Wild Country’ footage of controversial guru

A documentary filmmaker and Swiss company claim their works featuring Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, known as Osho, were used without permission in the Netflix docuseries, writes Ashley [...]

‘Wild Wild Country’ won an Emmy

The Netflix series won the award on September 9, 2018 in the category 'Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series'. Published in Willamette Week, September 10, 2018.

The good things about Osho that got left out

Filmmaker and author Suzanne Taylor was instrumental in bringing together for a video interview, journalist and CEO of Ideapod Justin Brown and Pennell Rock, a scholar in [...]

Reflecting on Rajneeshpuram Commune Life

In the wake of the Netflix docuseries Wild Wild Country, Shantam Lani, Osho's World Ambassador and former Rajneeshpuram resident speaks to Tracy Alexander on Israel's 'i 24NEWS'. [...]

Sheela Birnstiel on the documentary series Wild Wild Country

The BBC's Ishleen Kaur went to Switzerland to meet WWC's central character, Sheela. Published on July 20, 2018.

The soundtrack to striking Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country released on vinyl

"Wild Wild Country‘s original score is being released this September," announces Gabriela Helfet on Vinyl Factory Limited, June 28, 2018.

Friends, love and laughter

An unusual party that Premyoga's nephew, Eli, recently attended in California - set to the theme WWC... it's all in the family.

‘Wild, Wild Country’: How this holocaust survivor became Guru Osho’s right hand

She [Hasya] survived the Holocaust, lived on a kibbutz, helped to produce 'The Godfather', and finally found satisfaction as a follower of the guru Osho. Her role in the hit [...]

Watching ‘Wild, Wild Country’? Then you need to see The Rajneesh Cookbook

Stay away from the salad bar and make some Nachos Zorba, Nut Loaf, or a nice Coconut Salad instead, writes Melissa Locker. Published in Bon Appétit on May 4, 2018.

The other side of Osho

While makers of the Netflix show Wild Wild Country focus on the controversies around Osho, ardent follower Sangita Kathiwada speaks about what they missed. Published in DNA, May [...]

Stunned by Netflix’s jaw-dropping incredible doc ‘Wild Wild Country’

A review in First Showing by Alex Billington, May 2, 2018: "What an honor to get a glimpse into this world of religion and government, and to learn so wonderfully about this [...]

Wild Wild Holland

Pathika and Ojas wrote about the media attention after the screening of the Netflix docuseries Wild Wild Country and listed the main articles and shows. A nation-wide meeting of [...]

Osho was a clear mirror, he reflected back your thoughts: creators of Netflix’s WWC

Wild Wild Country, though a documentary, runs like a thriller Hollywood film and is very addictive and totally binge-worthy, writes Simantini Dey. Published in News18, India, on [...]

WWC: And now the monochrome retro look

Viewers of the docuseries Wild Wild Country are in awe of the coloured clothing sannyasins in Rajneeshpuram were wearing. It is presently even trending!

The wild, wild ways

Being lauded for its storytelling amid the revelations related to this cult... read this review and launch into a riveting tale, writes Mihir Rebello. Published in the Deccan [...]

9 Rajneeshpuram residents on what Wild Wild Country got wrong

Anna Silman talked to former Rajneeshpuram residents. Published in New York Magazine, The Cut, USA, on April 19, 2018.

‘Wild, Wild Country’ reveals a brawling, messy microcosm of our brawling, messy world

Steve Bramucci in Uproxx on April 13, 2018: "The tale of the Rajneesh commune in Oregon is a tale of regular people (and some extraordinary ones) in all of their beautiful, [...]

WWC – Saturday Night Live

Satire depicting highlights of the Netflix docuseries Wild Wild Country. The episode was hosted by John Lumaney on April 14, 2018.

A conversation about ‘Wild Wild Country’ with a news cameraman who was embedded on Rajneeshpuram

Cameraman Milt Ritter, who covered events at Rajneeshpuram for KGW News, is interviewed by Steve Bramucci for Uproxx, published on April 6, 2018.

WWC’s Pinks and and Reds

Article in The New York Times shows that the original sannyas colours have become a new fashion trend in New York.

‘Wild Wild Country’ depicts an American construct of Osho – incomplete and superficial

Despite all the amazing qualities that make 'Wild Wild Country' an interesting watch, the creators of the show, Chapman Way and Maclain Way, fail miserably in doing justice to the [...]

Wild Wild Country: Cult doc directors answer all your burning questions

Filmmakers Chapman and Maclain Way dissect the hit Netflix series’s most memorable moments, give the sannyasins the “where are they now” treatment, and re-examine its [...]

‘Wild Wild Country’ directors say they are ‘definitely’ open to a sequel

The brothers Chapman and Maclain Way spoke to Nathan McAlone in a recent interview for Business Insider. Published on March 30, 2018.

Paradise lost as guru flees  - “It’s all a joke.”

Nick Licata remembers visiting Rajneeshpuram after Osho had left and been arrested in Charlotte, just before the Ranch closed. Published on Medium, March 23, 2018.

Makes you go, ‘Hey Bhagwan!’

Miraculously, Wild Wild Country, a documentary series, is what everyone around me is binge-ing on. So must you, writes Mayank Shekhar in Mid-Day, India. Published on March 27, [...]

I love his teachings

Sifu Freddie Lee, a Kung Fu teacher and practitioner, speaks about Osho's impact on him and the message given out by the media.

Interviews with the directors of Wild Wild Country

A phone interview conducted by Matt Novak of Paleofuture-Gizmodo with the directors on the docuseries Wild Wild Country, Chapman Way and Maclain Way - plus video interviews by [...]

Wild Wild Country: 8/10 stars

Review by Adam Patterson, published on Film Pulse, March 12, 2018. Release date of the docu-series: March 16, 2018 on Netflix.

Wild Wild Country (trailer)

A new Netflix series, to be shown starting on March 16, will take you behind the controversial history of Osho in their upcoming documentary. Published in the Hindustan Times, [...]