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Soli: Sunny alonenesses

Italian radio and TV screenwriter Roberta Lippi interviewed people who grew up with sannyasin parents or were sannyasins themselves. She stressed the fact that the title SOLI in [...]

A Sannyasin’s point of view

An interview with Devakrishna published in 'Wild Wild Sheela' by Roberta Lippi, researcher and presenter of SOLI, the recently released interviews of sannyasin children on [...]

Devakrishna Painted a Winner!

Devakrishna wins 2nd prize at Swiss Arts Contest 2013

The Mystic Rose and the Magic of the Empty Chair

Devakrishna's comic book now available in print and ebook

Devakrishna Transforms Ugliness into Beauty

A slideshow of paintings by Devakrishna (Marco Giollo)