Events — 11 November 2010

Satya Vedant’s visit in Seattle: Microsoft, World of Meditation, Center for Spiritual Living

Weekend Meditation Camp in Seattle with Satya Vedant

Many of you know Satya Vedant by the name Vasant Joshi, author of Osho’s biography ‘Osho The Luminous Rebel’ (which he has recently updated, by the way). Sannyasins and friends in Seattle were lucky enough to host Vedant in October as the guest facilitator of several talks, a weekend camp, and a sannyas celebration.

Vedant’s first talk was at Microsoft, where he was warmly welcomed and attentively heard. Next, he gave a talk on India and his early days with Osho attended by over 30 people at Shanti and Subhan’s World of Meditation Center. On Friday, October 22 he welcomed nearly 30 people at the Center for Spiritual Living for an evening of Satsang music, a video, an audio discourse and a dance meditation.

The next two days saw nearly 20 participants starting off with Dynamic Meditation. Saturday, we also experienced an Osho discourse, question and answer session about meditation, Kundalini and Evening Meditation. On Sunday we moved to a lovely zen-like yoga studio. As the rain pattered on the windows, we did a graceful namaste meditation, which set the stage for a high energy, live music sannyas celebration. We flew high, especially Seattle’s newest sannyasin, Swami Dhyan Alok, who leads mountain climbs for a living. After Everest, Kilimanjaro and many other famous peaks, Alok is now climbing a spiritual slope with Osho. Yahoo!

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Text by Roshani for Osho News, Nov 2010