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Review of Osho’s discourses on the songs of Kabir – translated by Satya Vedant from Hindi.

The Fabric Of Life ReviewFirst published in Hindi in 1976 as Suno Bhai Sadho, Osho’s extemporaneous talks on ten songs of the prolific mystic Kabir are far more than inspirational, they are powerfully transformational, describing the human experience of dropping the ego and reaching inward to touch the divine.

All at once breathtaking, beautiful, and piercing, Osho explicates, line by line, the infinite depth of songs by Kabir, India’s most famous and beloved poet—a “common” man, a “simple” weaver, an Awakened One who lived some 500 years ago.

A luxurious read, the book imparts a vast understanding of reality in an intimate way, as only Osho can. Spanning centuries, creeds, classes, and cultures, Satya Vedant in his translation shows that these two Enlightened Mystics spoke the very same language of the Self, for both were human beings who had opened the “tenth door” and realized their infinite nature. To grasp the breadth of this monumental work, imagine a book in which Jesus could have offered his illuminated viewpoint on the Taoist poems of Lao Tzu or the words of Gautama Buddha, both of whom lived some five centuries before Christ. The historic scope, the total existential understanding, and the immortal perspective of these Osho discourses are intriguing, alchemical, and even magical.

Always dynamically homeopathic, Osho is indeed the Master of delivering the perfect “titration” of whatever words are needed to treat our sleepiness and self-deception. Even the Master’s shortest phrase can recalibrate the soul; for example, Osho says, “Every thought is a hole through which you lose energy.” This is only one stunning gem among hundreds in the book, all life-changers when we fully allow them in.

Each chapter begins with a masterfully translated sutra of Kabir, followed by Osho’s full elucidation on the given sutra, and Osho, in his own inimitable way, drills down, phrase by phrase, on each of the ten precious songs. The result is a rare, poetic feast, especially for the West and speakers of English-only. Consider it a luxury to be escorted through Kabir’s poetry line by line, as if personally escorted by Osho himself. The warm tone of the natural, language feels as though the Enlightened Master is sitting with you and speaking directly to you when he says: “The treasure is available right this moment, but you have not paid any attention to it. It has always been showering – it is the very nature of life that the elixir goes on showering endlessly.”

Reality, epiphany, and delight continually spill over from these pages so rich they can be read over and over again. For those on the path of self-realization, this is quite possibly the only book you will ever really need. The Masters show us that truth is never actually revealed, for it is always there. But sometimes, we manage to lift the veil and SEE for a moment what they SEE all the time. The emphatic images and potent phrases are so fundamentally real and existential that they will always translate to the individual while transcending time, place, culture, class, and creed.

Page after page, the illuminated words of Osho and Kabir bring about a visceral gasp, a shriek of delight. The reader can look forward to a joy ride as The Fabric of Life message “gets in,” shakes you up, and zaps you with epiphanies about the way things really are. This most rare book surrounds the reader in its own universe to activate, quicken, and transform consciousness. Insisting that the reader travel inwardly, The Fabric of Life is a truly interactive experience! So find a comfortable reclining chair and buckle your seatbelt! This magical, eye-opening read sparks roaring laughter and a river of tears.

The impact of The Fabric of Life is so intense that it’s much like a powerful plow tilling up the hardened soil of a forgotten field so that something beautiful can grow. The effect of this book is so unusually transformative that one cannot simply peruse it. Like a rare wine, this sacred transmission must be approached with celebration, followed by ample quiet time for contemplation. Also visually beautiful, the book design and ancient cloth-like cover create an aura of mystery and warmth.

The Fabric of Life is a monumental masterpiece, and the culmination of Satya Vedant’s life of devotion, study, and meditation. Every chapter is a Rolls Royce of beauty, joy, and truth; clearly, this book is a masterwork with many layers of awakened consciousness at play. This timeless treasure should be placed in a time capsule and sent to outer space with the message, “The Very Best of Planet Earth!” The Fabric of Life offers entrance into the mystical atmosphere of powerful secrets kept by Awakened Souls. It offers a direct experience of the infinite Self and a magical touch from those illuminated ones who have always been and will always be.

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