Vulnerability: My Son Is My Guru!

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‘Vrienden van Osho’ in the Netherlands interviews René on video.

What was the decisive moment where you said Yes, I need Osho in my life?

– At that moment I did not know that it was Osho that I needed. But the moment when I actually said there is need for a master of great insight was the moment when my son was born. … What I have saved up is not good enough to give to my son, I have to go and look for a way to be there for my child. … My son is my guru! He is the best trigger on earth.

Who is Osho for you?
– Speachless – mission impossible.

You met Osho in the body of your child?
– Yeah, as the stick of the master, now I hit you! No hiding!

Maranjan (aka René) was born in Dordrecht, Netherlands, in 1962. He studied languages in France and Sweden and has been working as a gardener for the last 25 years. Twelve years ago he came in contact with Osho through Siddhartha’s hypnotherapy centre in Holland and he took sannyas four years ago in Vasant Swaha’s centre in Norway. Maranjan visits Osho Wajid Meditation Centre in The Hague regularly.

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