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Education is not meant for teaching discipline, but for developing one’s own intelligence. Whatever discipline results from intelligence, that alone can bring goodness and benediction, because such discipline cannot be exploited. It cannot be made an instrument for violence and war in the hands of priests and politicians. On the strength of such a discipline Hindus cannot be made to fight with Mohammedans, nor can the havoc of death be launched in the name of imaginary and false boundaries of nations. In the name of discipline and obedience, what wrongdoings have not been ordered?

jewish and Muslim child walking together

Every generation passes on, by way of inheritance, its jealousies, enmities, stupidities to the new generation through the teacher. It gives its diseases and insensibilities along with its experiences and knowledge. It is more insistent and cautious about giving its diseases than its experiences and knowledge, because its enmities and its blind beliefs are its ego gratifications. A Hindu father teaches his children to be Hindu, a Jaina teaches his children to be Jaina, and a Mohammedan father teaches his children to be Mohammedan. He wants to hand over to his children the poisons of the life-negative sects he was brought up in.

Through many educational mediums this poison is being spread. Because of such poisonous teaching humanity is not able to become one, and our eyes are not drawn towards that religion which is one and can only be one. Similarly, nationalism is taught, and national egos are strengthened. Every nation is prepared, and made to stand in opposition to the other nations. As a result, violence grows and the fire of war continuously burns.

Where there is ego, there is war and violence. There are many such other diseases, viruses which are spread by the teachers among innocent children. This is one of the most ugly crimes committed against man.

Osho, Revolution in Education, Ch 2

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