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Osho speaks on ‘Play / Leela’: “God is playing; he is not engaged in work…”

Children playing

Look at children playing. Look at their faces, at their eyes. Now they are in eternity. They are happy because they are playing. Happiness will not result in an end, it is here right now. Moment to moment they are happy — not that something great is going to happen later on — it is happening already. They are in eternity. But their minds are still not developed. We will force them to develop because this play will not be of much help in the world. They will have to learn work. They will have to divide means and end. They will have to create a gap between this moment and the future, and we will teach them to sacrifice the present for the future. This is the way of the world, the way of the market, the way of desire. Desire makes everything utilitarian.

In meditation you will become a child again, playing, with no idea of the future, enjoying this very moment, enjoying the very act in itself, intrinsically. Then imagination is not desire. Then you can play with it, and it is one of the most beautiful things possible. And this playing, this being in the moment, totally absorbed, is enlightenment. The moment it happens you are transformed.

So enlightenment is never in the future, it is always in the present; and it is not a work to be done, it is a game to be played.

That is the meaning of the Indian concept of leela. God is playing; he is not engaged in work. This world is not utilitarian, it is just a play of energy. Energy enjoys itself playing; it divides itself and then plays the game of hide and seek. So, really, Indian seers have never said that God is the creator, they say that God is the player — because the very word ‘creation’ carries much seriousness about it, as if there is some end and something has to be achieved. God creating the world? This is absurd. Because it means that something is lacking, so God is creating the world to achieve something. Or it means that there is a future, so God also lives in desire. […]

The concept of leela is totally different from the concept of creation. God is just playing and you cannot ask “Why?” because a play has no “Why?” to answer. If children are playing can you ask, “Why are you playing?” They will say, “We are playing, so we are playing.” Playing is good in itself — the energy is moving, abundant energy is overflowing. […]

God means absolute energy, infinite energy. God cannot be economical. He has so much, so infinitely much, that he can only play. And this play goes on and on, there is no end to it. There cannot be because the energy is infinite. And you cannot ask “Why?” Energy moves, there is no “Why?” to it. If God created the world you can ask, “Why? Why have you created the world?” But if he is simply playing you cannot ask “Why?” […]

People come to me and they say, “We are enjoying meditation, but tell us what is going to happen. What will be the end result?” I tell them, “This is the end result — that you are enjoying. Enjoy it more!” But they go on insisting, “Tell us something about it. What will be the end result? Where will we reach to?” They are not concerned at all where they are: they are always concerned with where they will reach to. The mind cannot exist in the present so it goes on giving you excuses to move into the future. These excuses are the desires. So if you desire to be a god, to be a buddha, your meditation will be a sort of desire, and then it is not meditation. If you don’t desire anything, you just enjoy being here, you just celebrate being alive, you enjoy the inner energy playing in imagination, in visions, in emptiness, whatsoever you choose, and you are totally one with this moment of enjoyment, then it is meditation. Then there is no desire, and, with no desire, the world drops. With a non-desiring, playful mind you have entered. You are already in it.

But this has to be hammered into your mind again and again because your mind is a transformer. It transforms anything into a desire — anything — it can transform even non-desire into a desire. People come to me and they say, “How does one achieve the state of non-desire?” How to achieve the state of non-desire? Now this has become the desire. Your mind has a transforming mechanism: whatsoever you put in will come out as a desire.

Be alert of this and enjoy moments so much that no energy is left to move into the future. Then, any day, any moment, it will happen to you that suddenly all the darkness falls; suddenly all that is a burden disappears; suddenly you are freed. But the emphasis should be more and more on play, the present, here and now — and less and less on the future.

Osho, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, V 2, Ch 28

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