Energy is one, from sex to spirituality


An excerpt from Radha’s book, Tantra: A Way of Living and Loving.

Radha during energy darshan

I began to feel a certain sympathy and compassion for those Christian nuns in medieval Europe who feared that they were being possessed by the devil.”

In the precious years spent in Pune in Osho’s ashram, Radha had been chosen to be one of the mediums for energy darshan. During these meetings Osho would transmit his energy to his sannyasins through his mediums. This experience allowed her to explore in a direct way Osho’s energy, the energy transmission phenomenon, and her own energy too, and gave her the understanding that energy is one – from sex to spirituality.

…when I started to experience energy darshan with Osho and when I was making love with my boyfriend or lover afterwards, there was hardly any distinction between the two.

The only difference was that in lovemaking there was physical contact, including my first chakra. As far as the expression of energy and the experience of my own inner sensations, there was no difference. In both situations, the energy would begin at the sex center, then move upward and outward, transforming itself into love, prayer and devotion.

Around this time, I began to feel a certain sympathy and compassion for those Christian nuns in medieval Europe who feared that they were being possessed by the devil. It was quite a widespread and enduring phenomenon, spanning different countries and several centuries, and my feeling is that it was rooted in a misunderstanding about energy. These poor nuns lived in a religious climate that tried to combine a pure longing for God with a heavy condemnation and repression of sex. The only acceptable way of expressing a longing for the divine was through the heart and the mind. But if a woman in prayer sincerely opens herself, energy is going to start moving in her body, and, as I have experienced, all energy is basically sexual.

Sex is the core energy of life itself.

Because this energy is so powerful, it can easily be triggered in devotional states and unleashed in the body, so that the whole body starts to shake and sway and move by itself, including sexual feelings.

A nun might be sincerely inviting God, Jesus, or one of the apostles, saints or angels to come to her, and then be thrown into confusion by the fact that energy starts to move in her body below the heart, around the sex center – especially if that energy has been building up for years through denial and repression. Then it would be natural for her to assume that such experiences cannot be divine, but must be the intervention of the devil who is tempting her with “sins of the flesh.” In her mind, her whole body was already condemned as something low and repugnant in the eyes of God, so it would not take much to persuade her that she was doing wrong.

If they had known about Tantra, thousands of nuns would have avoided the self-torture and self-condemnation (not to mention torture and condemnation by others) that was triggered by these experiences. I also felt possessed, but never with the sense that something devilish was happening to me.

To me, energy is one. It can start in the sex center, it can rise and spread all over the body, creating movement, sounds, laughter, tears… many different forms of expression. The higher it goes, the less it feels like sex and the more it feels like union with existence.

All of this can happen without having sex, and all of this can happen with sex included.

These two, sex and spirit, are the same – I am these two. They are two poles of one energy.

Tantra by RadhaExcerpted from
Tantra: A Way of Living and Loving
by Radha C. Luglio


Radha is the founder of TantraLife and teaches Tantra worldwide. She is also the author of her memoir, Tantra: A Way of Living and Loving.

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