The Sex Oracle and the Sacred Wisdom

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Anup’s book reviewed by Yoyo and introduced by the author.

The Sex Oracle and the Sacred WisdomThe Sex Oracle
and the Sacred Wisdom

by Anup Henrikki Takarautio
Paperback and Kindle
Print on Demand (9 Sept. 2022), 402 pages
ISBN-10: 952805854X
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-9528058540
Kindle ASIN: B0BG59JN1N, 1321 KB

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Introduction by the author

In my early childhood in northern Finland, in the middle of the kingdom of bears and wolves, I saw an air-plane high in the sky. I shouted “drop the flight ticket.” I certainly had no idea at the time that my wish would come true to the max.

The clue to my book is the protagonist’s constant travel between cities and continents. Like myself on my travels, he sits in the aisle seat in the middle of the plane. Exciting and erotic encounters take place. The book is largely based on my own life, with the realities of life being very palpable and close at times: The spiritual awakening, out of the body experiences. An inner force that moves us, to fall in love, to open our hearts to feel, to experience our sexuality in all its fullness. Not to deny any part of ourselves. The Sex Oracle has not been ironed out by the publisher, but there is a roughness to it, an imperfection of being human, and mistakes too. I invite the reader to be an active participant so that we can create it together.

The reading experience can be very intense and at times difficult, while at the same time it disconnects us from our own prejudices and ideas about what is real and what is fiction. More than 40 years ago the author became an Osho sannyasin visiting him many times, listening to his lectures. Everything Anup Henrikki hoped for in a conversation that never really happened, he wrote in the book. The ‘Guru’ can also be seen as a wisdom already within each of us, as state of enlightenment. And of course those of us who have visited the Ashram will clearly recognise the description of the place in the pages of the book. The Sex Oracle is a growth journey of walking step by step across the spectrum of humanity towards the experience of enlightenment, with small satoris as signposts along the path.

The title of the book, The Sex Oracle is, as the title suggests, a description of the sexuality of the protagonist as it evolves through experience towards maturity. The second part of the book’s title and the Sacred Wisdom begins to unfold to the reader halfway through the book towards the climax of the final pages.

A video where the author describes more about The Sex Oracle and the Sacred Wisdom:

A reader’s feedback

For those who don’t shy away from reading a book in less than perfect English (it was translated from Finnish by the author with the help of AI Translate), this is an intriguing and exciting story (partly auto-biography, partly fiction) about a man who in his search for enlightenment works his way through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras to land in the heart space, thus opening the door to higher dimensions of love.

After the premature death of his wife and a period of deep despair, the protagonist pulls himself together and embarks on a journey through the intricacies and delights of raw uninhibited sex, which he elaborately describes in both impudent and poetic language.

Gradually we see him unfolding from a self-centred and narcissistic (ab)user into a refined and sensitive lover who takes his countless partners (in the most varied and unusual settings) to the peaks of carnal lust and ecstasy.

Though he makes sure not to be caught up in a relationship, over the years there is one woman who manages to penetrate his heart. She is the one who in the end helps him make a shift from the ‘horizontal’ to the ‘vertical’ dimension and teaches him about freedom in unity, which eventually allows both of them to experience glimpses of the ultimate wisdom.

This story is an interesting illustration of Osho’s credo that there is no enlightenment unless we first come to terms with our sexuality.

Yoyo van der Kooi (Ma Prem Els) – Arnhem, November 16, 2022 –

Three excerpts from the book on Osho News

Anup Henrikki is an eco-builder, Breath Therapist and world traveller. He currently moves between the Netherlands and Finland.

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