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Going From One Emergency Room To Another

Osho answers a question about death and the utter necessity to truly experience life so the conscious becomes more and more alive while the unconscious goes on dying.

Mind Is Blind Like A Bat

Man is as if asleep. Man lives in a stupor - moves, works, is born, lives and dies, but almost fast asleep, snoring.

Why don’t I feel that I am myself?

Gayatri, Because you are not yet....

Remain Aloof of Praise or Criticism Alike

Beloved Master, why is it that nobody likes to be criticized, and yet everybody loves to criticize others?

Osho Speaks on Khajuraho

If you see the temples of Khajuraho in India....

The Whole Idea of Christmas is Bogus

Christianity is a fiction. Jesus had never even heard the name Christianity.

The Other Is Hell

A question by Prem Neeto.

Body Memory and Mind Memory

Meditation is a subtle death - a deep death of you, your mind, your ego, of all that makes you defined. But that which is within is there. That is pure consciousness.

I Am Making You Responsible

Arthur Koestler writes about an experiment. Meditate over it.

Just by Whirling You Can Know Yourself

Osho talks about Rumi's statement: Do not move because of fear.

Mediumship is a Female Technique

Q: What is the difference between entering another body and psychic mediumship? How does one enter into a medium?

You Are Not To Teach Children Religion and Morality

Osho, How can we teach children to be moral and religious?

At the Start of Sneezing

"At the start of sneezing, during fright, in anxiety, above a chasm, flying in battle, in extreme curiosity, at the beginning of hunger, at the end of hunger, be uninterruptedly [...]

The Conflict of Human Society Is Between Worlds

Osho states, "You are a projector going on and on projecting things which are nowhere, only inside you, and the whole world becomes a screen."

Meditation, Compassion and Gratitude

Osho explains how gratitude arises out of compassion and is not directed towards anyone in particular.

The Law of Synchronicity

The law of synchronicity has to be understood. This is one of the greatest contributions of Carl Gustav Jung to modern humanity: the law of synchronicity.

Humanity Can Be Moved To Other Planets

The old man has lived with all kinds of divisions - nations, races, religions. The New Man will live an undivided humanity, with all the sources pooled into one. And that will [...]

The Mind Is Very Ancient

Osho speaks on the distinction beweeen brain and mind.

When I Started Serving Cooked Food…

Q: Osho, Dolly Diddee showed me a passage from one of your earlier books where you say that no saint is against any other saint, and that they deliberately speak against each other [...]

Osho Speaks on J. Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti, a man who struggled for ninety years – his last words have some great meaning.

Man Will Be Able To Be Controlled

Osho asserts that society will soon fix an electrode in people's brains to control them - it will be cheap and easy, and then there will be no possibility for human freedom.

Acting Is the Most Spiritual of Professions

Osho is asked to 'say something about acting'.

Homosexuality and Lesbianism Both Are Growing

Osho says male domination is the root of homosexuality and that within fifty years governments and religions will start preaching homosexuality.

Intuition is a Jump

Q: Doesn't intuition come to one through thought waves that are just like radio waves?

Very Important Cyclical Occurrence

Osho explains the effects of sun activities on planet Earth and humankind.

The Struggle From Time Immemorial

The coming few years are going to be very significant years in man's history. Now a handful of people will be of no help in matters spiritual.

Only The Present Is Existential

Beloved Osho, In the face of the huge mystery of life, since the early ages humankind has consulted oracles. It's very famous throughout history - like the oracle of Delphi.

An Enlightened Person Can Pretend

Q: Does an enlightened person always remain enlightened or can he become unenlightened also?

Killing Time, Saving Time

We are living out of noise and everybody is in a hurry.

Without problems, you are no more

Just think that one morning you wake up and you don't have any problems - you will be in such grief.

A Little Ritual Adds Spice to Life

Why do we wear one hundred and eight beads on our malas? Does this belong to the world of ritualistic religion?

The Most Important Point in the Human Body is the Navel

The roots of plants are in the earth; the roots of the human body are in the soul.

Three Centers: Head, Heart and Being

Osho answers one of Trinda's questions.

The World Was Never Created, There Was No Beginning

This 'Big Bang' theory has nothing to do with the religious attitude and the religious theory of creation.

We Have To Create A Discontinuity With The Past

Beloved Osho, Many contemporaries and enlightened ones - Raman Maharshi, Meher Baba, George Gurdjieff and J. Krishnamurti - have worked with people, but people get more offended [...]

The Peepal Tree and the Third Eye

The feeling of gratitude is a basic quality of a religious mind.

Why Didn’t Mahavira Defecate?

Osho, I laughed at everything you said the other day until you said that Mahavira smelt. I felt personally offended. It hurt.

Enlightenment is Beyond Mind

Beloved Osho, Modern scientists like Karl Pribram, David Bohm and others, have been stumbling on religion.

My Fight Has Been Universal

Beloved Osho, What did you do in those years immediately after your enlightenment?

The Secret of a Joke

Beloved Osho, What is the secret of a joke?

Unless You Wake Up

Q: A couple of years ago, you talked about the world coming to an end - earthquakes, floods and wars and things. Is that still happening? Do you still see that coming to happen?

Aloneness Is Our Very Nature

Beloved Osho, You said the other day that we are born alone, we live alone and we die alone.

Enlightenment Is A Simple Phenomenon

You are asking me... Please show me a way?

The Politician Has No Consciousness

Q: Osho, I am a radical revolutionary politician. Have you something to say to me?

Menstruation and Awareness

Beloved Osho, It seems so unfortunate that existence had to give women this thing called menstruation every month.

Osho’s View on Cow Slaughter

Secondly, you want to know my view on cow slaughter.

Wedding Rings and Sufferings

Beloved Master, Would you please speak about the three rings of love? - The engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering?

Transforming Evil into Something Beneficial

The art of transforming suffering, pain, evil, into something good is the art of seeing the necessity of the opposite.