Der Spiegel 10/1981

Subtitle: “He called himself Bhagwan and in the end Osho. He was at first the sex– then the Rolls Royce Guru. 22 years after the mystic’s death his ideas live on in hundreds of meditation centers – and in Germany even in communes.

After various articles and comments that were rather confusing and often misleading, we have found the posting of the article below to be transparent and unbiased, giving a better overview about which steps were taken with regard to the property transfer in Koregaon Park, a property that used to be called Sanai.

Osho Meditation Resort

Sarvaan tells us how he made his first steps into the Osho Meditation Resort and that fateful signs and destined encounters are just around every corner


Terry Hodgkinson experiments with whirling at the Osho Meditation Resort and meets Samvado, Sufi Sam as he calls him