At the centre of the cyclone with Osho


Kul Bhushan, and his wife, Rashma, share ideas about spending meaningful time at home.

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The global coronavirus lockdown is the best opportunity to connect with Osho like never before. We have all the time to experience Osho with his meditations, discourses, books and music. We are blessed because Osho has gifted this humungous treasure to keep us active, alert and stimulated. Just to dip into it.

For us, the first and most important step to immerse in Osho was to devise a routine. In the morning, when we need to regenerate our bodies, best is an active meditation and, after an interval, listen to a discourse. In the afternoon, we sometimes read a book by Osho and shake up with Kundalini meditation.

Evening is the time for a silent meditation. We have found these precious meditations: Anapansati, Tathata and a meditation from Dhyan ka Vigyan, Part 3, a track underlaid by ‘Anxiety Control Music’, where Osho guides us into silent meditation (in Hindi). Alternatively we watch a video discourse in English or Hindi.

We would suggest you first go through your CD collection or surf the web and decide on which meditation, discourse series, books and music you like most and choose what would suit you best. Try out one meditation for a couple of days and then firm up your daily routine. Once you are set in the routine, then a lockdown can give you unlimited freedom to explore your inner space and its unlimited horizons.

Osho’s active meditations

Osho has bequeathed us with his active and silent meditations to take care of our body and mind. Among the active meditations, Dynamic in the early morning is the tops, but it may create problems when living in a small house with family around (but it can also be done silently). Then there is Nataraj, Nadabrahma and Kundalini. Nataraj and Nadabrahma can be done at any time during the day, while Kundalini ought to be best done after 4pm.

Meet other meditators online

Many Osho meditation centres have started daily online meditations and classes which we can participate in, no matter where we live. We can register and meditate together with others by video conferencing programs such as Zoom. Details can be found on Osho News’ new Online Events Page, or by searching social media or the web. Thus, we can join other fellow travellers on this journey ‘from the alone to the alone’.

Osho’s discourses

Osho comes alive in 4,800 hours of English discourses and 4,000 hours in Hindi, in audio and video formats. Most of these discourses are available free of cost on the web. We can hear them or download them from The video discourses are easily searched on YouTube and can also be downloaded.

For Hindi speakers I would recommend a few videos: ka Vigyan, Part 1, where Osho talks about mental peace, how we have lost it and how we can regain it. In ka Vigyan, Part 2, Osho explains how meditation is relaxation and awareness in his unique perspective. Also very pertinent for the current phase.

Osho’s books

If you want to read Osho, you can choose from literally thousands of books of his talks. Around 650 books in Hindi and English have been published and the numbers are going up because several Hindi books have been translated into English and vice versa. Many can be read free online. If you want a print copy, in the current lockdown, since the bookshops are closed, you can buy them online: (English and Hindi) – (English books and CDs) – (English, Hindi and other Indian languages) –

Music from the World of Osho

A number of top musicians have played in Osho’s presence or during his time on the planet. ‘Music from the World of Osho’ is a general name for those various artists. Some are recorded in studios but quite a few are live recordings from Buddha Hall in Pune. Among these artists we could mention: Karunesh, Deva Premal and Miten, Deuter, Yoko, Amano Manish, Bodhi Khalid, Prem Joshua, Chinmaya, Bindu, Kitaro, Shastro, Devakant and many others. All are present online where we can listen, stream or download individual tracks or full albums and create our own playlist of uplifting music.

News from the world of Osho…

There are a number of news websites dedicated to Osho. Once you have read through Osho News you can also check out: Osho World, Osho Times, Osho Times in German, Osho Times in ItalianViha Connection (available as PDF). There is even a site, Otoons, with Osho comics and cartoons!

With all these daily Osho-centred activities, we will be filled with positive energy, experience Osho – and become a silent centre in this global cyclone.

Kul Bhushan

Anand Kul Bhushan is a writer, journalist, UN media consultant and workshop/meditation leader.

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