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Orgasmically Ever After

Jeevan (85) talks to Maneesha about her newly discovered total and multi-orgasmic experiences.

All Sorts of Funny Things in Sannyas

Rashid shares with us his insights on sannyas - today


Anando's sudden switch of mood with an insight...

Born to Die

Subhan's insights on life - and death

A Door Into the Vastness Within

Ma Prem Divya on understanding Osho.

Bliss Blossom

Madhuri reminds us not to ignore those "wordless, blossomed peace-places" when they pop up in us.

The Death of a Daughter

Maneesha writes on the importance of being at peace with our parents.

Goofy Guy

Madhuri's insights on projecting!

Healing the Heart

Anando invites us to go through the process of cleaning up our lives and becoming free of burdens.

Watching, Celebration, Love & Awareness

Shunyo shares with us what she thinks are the most important points in Osho's vision.

Rushing, I almost Missed my Life

Anando remembers the moment she started to slow down and discovered her heart.

Second Chance

The penny dropped for Punya with a song!

Arnavah Lives out his Passion: Music!

... and creates his first CD!

Toy Dogs and Consciousness

Of fads and consciousness where man’s best friend is concerned.

How Clinging Happens

Madhuri shares her insights on romantic clinging

The 4 Keys to Happiness

Anando's insights on 'The neuroscience of happiness'

My Son Bob

Jeevan recalls the time her son Bob died in an accident.

A Place of No Words

Patricia Heavren's article '2012: The End of Time?'

Near-Death Experience and the Blink Environment

Natalie Sudman is an American archaeologist who signed up to manage construction contracts in Iraq, working mainly with the civilian army. Returning to base in a convoy of four [...]

Meditation and Ecology

Anando's insight: when at peace with herself she is also in harmony with everything around her

The New Kid on the Block

Sandesh shares his feelings of becoming part of a community and of taking courage to move from the known to the unknown

The Vertical Reality

Looking after Anna Freud in her last weeks before her death in 1982 took Maneesha's life on a new course

A Dialogue With Death

A video of Maneesha talking to Revati before she left her body

Whack and Wham

Kul Bhushan's take on Osho's most mind-boggling statements

Sex and Spirituality

Rashid's journey through sex and no-sex

Marching Orders

Vandana shares what Osho taught her about relationships

How Being Crazy for Love Saved My Bacon

Osho to Madhuri: "The only suffering that has any value is the suffering for love. If you suffer thirty hours for half an hour of love, it is worth."

Transforming Destructive Unconscious Emotions into Creative Energies

Anando reflects on emotions: not repression, not expression - but watching

Truth, Acceptance and Trust

Dharm Jyoti's insights and recollections being with Osho during the early years

Life with the French Horn

Tao shares her lifelong passion for the French Horn

We Should Be So Lucky

A hundred year old lady speaks on attitude and humor in a most endearing way

What I Love To Do

Tao shares her favorite things to do, besides being a minister

Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

Anando writes, "Dr. Lipton's research proves that positive thinking does not work, because it is done with the conscious mind - which is NOT running our lives."

A Whack on the Head

A lesson to stay awake – even if you are drunk on not noticing someone else’s drunkenness!

Aphorisms and Other Insights

A few diamonds from Subhan with a touch of whit!


How to develop willpower? Anando found a great quote by Osho while editing.

Awakening before Enlightenment

Article by Purushottama.

Why Fly From a Golden Cage?

Reason why young professionals leave jobs and riches

The Miracle of the Master

Kul Bhushan investigates various ways how we can plan our lives

Osho’s Mantra: Life, Love, Laughter

Imagine If All Government Offices Displayed Osho’s Mantra: Live, Love, Laughter

It’s Okay So Far

Premala's story through her illness, with some help from Navanita

Oh Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

To experience that there is no death

Empty Rooms and Union Jacks

Born in England but living abroad for almost 35 years, Anand Subhuti describes his reaction to returning home and facing his past

Come! Let-Go – and Dance Your Way to God!

After conducting a Meditation Camp on 'Dance, Body and Soul' last week, Kul Bhushan got inspired to write about dance

I Am All for Fighting

Sangeet writes about how she dealt with conflict, in particular during the trademark issue

Celebrating Motherhood

To celebrate Mother's Day - a piece from Kul Bhushan

‘I Love You’ Can Become ‘I Hate You’

Kul Bhushan comments on our Valentine Day Declaration and offers a new word: ishq!

And Life Goes On

In times of catastrophe, people come closer; Subhadra writes from Queensland

Jeevan Bridges the Generation Gap

Jeevan breaks the traditional (and Jewish) child upbringing of the fifties and sixties: instead of being a mother she becomes a friend

The Breath Returned To My Spirit

"There are times in life that stand out in bold highlight... times we'd never choose but come in spite of our preferences..."