Archive for Humour

Dumb and dumber

Two professors were arguing over which one had the dumber child.

A city lawyer

Roper James, an Australian lawyer from Melbourne was on a short vacation in a small country town.

Weather forecast

A film crew was on location deep in the desert.

The Israeli archaeologist

An archaeologist was digging in the Negev Desert in Israel and came upon a casket containing a mummy.

Old man Elmer

Old man Elmer is walking down the street in Brooklyn.

Logan, the lumberjack

A large, well established, Canadian lumber camp advertised that they were looking for a good lumberjack.

The kidnap

Most Friday nights at the naval station in Bermuda, we would assemble at the officer's club after work.

Pillow talk

Husband and wife are lying in bed in the middle of the night.

Playing golf

Jack came home after playing a round of Sunday golf.

Duct tape

Jeff walks into a bar and sees his friend Paul slumped over the counter.

Frying eggs

Sherilee was making fried eggs for her husband Lionel's breakfast. 

I can do the splits

A cartoon by Liz Climo.

Rajneesh to star in maverick guru Osho’s biopic

1. April 2018. Finally some certainty after the many speculations about who will take on the role of the mystic Osho in the new Bollywood film.

Immaculate conception

A woman takes her 16-year-old daughter Brenda to the doctor.

Scavenger hunt

A woman in Atlanta answered her front door and found little Trinity and Tyler standing there, holding a list.

A rare book

Cecil, the collector of rare books ran into his long-time acquaintance Percy and they decided to have a chat in a pub.

Church donations

One Sunday, Pastor Goodwill told the congregation that the church needed some extra money.

Free Wifi

Burt walks into a bar with his mobile in the hand.

Dental instruments

Employed as a dental receptionist, I was on duty when an extremely nervous patient came for root canal surgery.

Parrot en-route

A portly middle-aged man boards his plane to fly from New York to Toronto.

Just a nibble

Two elderly Dutch gentlemen, Aard and Jopie, who had been without sex for several years, decided they needed to visit a brothel.

Facebook for seniors

To others of my generation who still do not and cannot comprehend why Facebook even exists, here's what I'm doing to gain a better understanding:

Scheduled appointments

One evening, Lisa and Fred want to have an early night.

Tequila shots

A guy is sitting at a bar in a skyscraper restaurant high above the city.

Smart baby

Two babies were sitting in their cribs.

Unacceptable Tax Return

A man has been found with a fine grasp of the basic underlying problems of our society.

Five miles a day

An overweight man visits his doctor to complain about his lack of a sex life.

The typewriter

Joyce and her two boys, Rupert and Alan are in the attic together doing some cleaning up.

It’s the wild, wild West

An old woman prospector shuffled into town leading a tired old mule.

Enjoy your flight

On a flight from New York to London...

Adventures in Africa

A famed English explorer was invited to a meeting at Oxford University to tell of his adventures in the African jungle.

The card game

Two couples are playing cards when Jeff accidentally drops some cards on the floor.

The bridge

Two old geezers called Rufus and Clarence were living in the backwoods for many years.

Nurse Payne

Dr Flossbeard and Dr Butts were standing in a hospital hallway one day complaining about Nurse Payne.

Having something in common

Aaron and Sharon have been married for several years.

I didn’t get you anything…

A cartoon by Liz Climo.

Companies keen to cash in on the season of love

Valentine's Day has evolved into a commercial concept, with florists, restaurants and chocolate shops making a mint on February 14th. Some very questionable samples are shown in [...]

On honeymoon

A young couple were on their honeymoon and were staying at a hotel with a large swimming pool.

Taking a break

A century apart...

Excellent timing

Connor, the young Irish dude walked into the local welfare office...

What’s with the ostrich?

A man walks into a restaurant with a full-grown ostrich behind him.

The new CEO

A large outsourcing company in Delhi, feeling it was time for a shake-up, hired Abir as a new CEO.

An honest lawyer

Two lawyers were in a coffee shop talking.

Party in Alaska

Sam has been in business for 25 years and is finally sick of the stress.

Painting the porch

Kowalski is out of work so he goes up to Beverly Hills.

Headed for Las Vegas

Homer came home from work one day to find his wife Lisa sitting on the front porch with her bags packed.

Big planes and baby planes

A mother and her young son were flying Southwest Airlines from Kansas City to Chicago.

Weighing in

Clarissa opens the door to the master bathroom.