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Cosmetic Surgery – Why Not?

Vandana tells us about the effects and impact of cosmetic surgery she recently had done.

Give your brain a break…

...and achieve inner peace with our easy guide to meditating - an article in the Mail Online by Matthew Johnstone

Relax your Routine

Mahabha shares a few tricks how to change our habits

Conscious Dying

Therapist Chris Walker interviews Maneesha about ‘conscious dying’

My Way with Family Constellations

Visarjana tells us about his journey with and through Family Constellation to gain a different perspective on pain and suffering.

Beyond a Certain Age

We have been receiving many fabulous bits of news and video links about women of a certain age who through their attitude and love for life have moved miles away from the [...]

The Raw Food Approach to Well-Being

Health and nutrition appears to be of much interest to our readers, hence we are showing here yet another popular approach to well-being.

Morning Reiki Self-Treatment

Reiki Master-Teacher Tanmaya Honervogt shares with us illustrated instructions for a morning treat!

Reiki Before Sleeping

Treat yourself to a relaxing Reiki treatment to end the day - courtesy of Tanmaya

Amplifying Vibrations for Healing

BioResonance: Haridas explains the workings of a treatment with the Mora machine.

Relating with Food

Holistic health coach Puja Madan's thought on healthy eating

Experiencing a 21 Day Silent Retreat

Priya got nudged by existence and decided to immerse herself in a 21 day silent retreat at Osho Nisarga

Beauty and Longevity

After last month's talk on health, Sarita continues on the subject of beauty and longevity

Rape and the Mind

Events of Madhuri's past understood through Human Design and meditation

Fear of Meditation

Madhuri describes her first encounter with meditation and the fear this creates (in all of us)

Self-Healing: a Neat, Deep, and Miraculous Technique

Madhuri invites us to explore her healing technique

The Fort

Madhuri experiences her 'environment' in an ancient fort in Western Ireland

My First Mystic Rose

First-timer Sarvaan experiences the Mystic Rose process with Leela in Corfu

Whispering Cells… Happy Cells

Navanita's cellular approach to healing

All Sickness is Homesickness

Navanita shares case studies of her cellular healing work

The Sages Speak on the Forgotten Language

Selected quotes linked to Navanita's two articles on cellular healing

The Greatest Gift

Maneesha presents The Sammasati Project and explains why support in ill health is important

First Steps of an Emotional Manifestor

Rina encounters Human Design and experiments with the 'strategy' and learns to follow her 'authority'

Craniosacral Therapy for Newborns

Nirmoha describes the unique way of welcoming babies into this world by helping them with craniosacral work

Why Path of Love?

Asanga participated in the recent Path of Love Holiday in Corfu and we asked him to write about this 'path'

Body Types and Body Reading – Part 2

Part 2 of an interview with Moumina Jeffs and Agni Thalgott

Body Types and Body Reading – Part 1

Part 1 of an interview by Mahabha with Moumina Jeffs and Agni Thalgott

An Encounter with Ayurveda

Bodhena's experience with ayurvedic medicine

The Music of OM

The ultimate soundless sound, OM

Uniquely So

Kumud talks about Human Design and how it has affected her life and that of others

What is Human Design?

Kumud's detailed info-sheet about Human Design

There Is Nothing You Cannot Do

92 year-old yoga teacher expresses her positive physical and spiritual outlook on life

Mystic Rose Meets Monty Python

Call it yoga, call it meditation, laughter is healing

Calligraphy and Meditation

Ganga talks about calligraphy and how it can be helpful (and fun) for meditators

The Crown Chakra: Romancing the Stones

Sohana's journey through the chakras ends at the crown with amethysts, crystals and pearls

Choosing to Die

High media coverage on euthanesia and assisted suicide because of recent BBC documentary

Dealing With Painful Memories

A new study proposes pill to erase painful memories

Reiki: Gentle but Powerful!

Punya interviews Tanmaya Honervogt, author of the first UK publication about Reiki, on the origins and developments of this method

Dance Body Soul: An Enquiry

Kul Bhushan discovers what dance is all about while leading an Osho Meditation Camp dedicated to Dance

The Importance of Relating to our Fathers

In the final part of this interview, Svagito explains how our relationship with our fathers affects our relationship with all men.

The Importance of Relating to our Mothers

Svagito explains how our relationship with our mother influences our life and the relationship with other women

Power of Love and the Inner Mystery School

Navanita speaks on her healing journey and how she got in touch with her inner healing power

Conscious Living

Sagarpriya describes the Conscious Living course which she gives at the beginning of the season at the Osho Miasto Centre in Italy

The Third Eye: Romancing the Stones

Part six of Sohana's journey through the chakras

Women’s Sexual Fulfilment

Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita explains how women can find sexual and spiritual fulfillment

Family Constellation: An Introduction

Svagito gives us, in an interview, his insights into the Family Constellation process

Wild Dolphin Encounters: Lessons in the Art of Podding

A participant in a holiday retreat at WildQuest on Bimini learns the Art of Podding while swimming with the dolphins... and meditating

My Journey In The Great Life

Sahaja describes her inner journey to Osho and her path to healing with macrobiotic food and Brandon's Journey process

The Gurdjieff Movements in the World of Osho

Punya interviews Jivan during one of his international Intensives in Corfu

The Throat Chakra: Romancing the Stones

The fifth chakra under scrutiny by Sohana