Archive for Creativity

Creativity and Meditation – Together!

Siddhena shows us a selection of artworks inspired by Japanese techniques.

The Far Side of Tantra

Tantric lithographies and the poem 'All We Ever Wanted' by Rashid.

The Last Straw

Veetmoha reads one of his poems.

Drehtanz (Whirling) by Om Prakash

Om Prakash shares the title track of his album Shams.

No Boundaries

A poem by Rashid

Ricetta / Recipe

A poem by Suha (Italian and English translation)


A poem by Madhuri

4-D Spheres

Samvado shows his 4-D scultpures in wood, glass, marble, bronze, and stainless steel.

A Prayer of Another Kind

An excerpt from Anil Sehti's recently published book The Rebel of Benaras.

Sitting on the Roof

Madhuri on leaving her beloved....

An Improvised Concert

A poem by Suha (Italian and English) about the Paris underground.

Listen Teertha!

A short poem by Suha

On and Off

A Haiku by Rajen

Beyond the Veil of Appearances

Rashid shows a series of paintings.

Metal: Work of Imagination

Sculptor Samvado writes about working with metal.


A poem by Chris Roe

Reading the Night

A poem by Prem Geet

Om Parama

Mantra singer Sudha shares a track from her latest album 'In Her Name' and replies to a few questions.

When Zorba Met Buddha

Leela was about to write an article on the qualities of balancing our Zorba and Buddha energies when the following emerged.

Oh Dear

A poem by Rashid.

Joy of Silence

Listen to Deuter's relaxing music and watch a video of his photos from travelling all over the world.

Tigers, Lions and Elephants

Atulya presents her animal paintings.

He Is Everything

A selection of poems by Lalla, translated by Jaishree Kak (1) and Coleman Barks (2), and one of her Vakhs (songs) presented with this video by Shakeel Ur Rahman.

The Art of Reflection

Anand shows a series of photographs taken in nature.

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Song on video from the album 'Celtic Christmas' by Tanmayo.

After the Rapture

A text by Michael Graber


A poem by Madhuri.

The Great Eastern Sun

Om Prakash shares the first track of his album 'Pilgrimage' where he plays the kyo taku, a Japanese flute.

Wood and Stone

Samvado showcases his sculptures and vessels.

The Shining Elephant

A tale by Madhuri

Brazil Poem – Abadiania

A poem by Prem Geet.

The Dimension of Touch

Sangit shows her felt artwork in a photo slideshow.


A poem by Prem Geet.

Title Track: Lost and Found

Tanmayo comments on the title track of her newest album.

The Enchanted Forest: Blurring the Lines

Natyam shares a selection of autumn photos.

My Political Career

A poem by Madhuri

I Blame the Lodger

A poem by Rashid

‘We Are’ by Ravi

...from his latest album 'Songs for the Golden Age'.


While Toby waits for one of his flights...

Apartment Love Lasagna

A poem by Prem Geet

The Moon Interviews Me

Madhuri in conversation with the moon...

I Should Have Said

A poem by Rashid

Dance Your Way to God

A song by Chinmaya Dunster where the lyrics are all titles from books by Osho.

The Eyes of a Miracle

Praful shares a track (and a remix) from his latest Sufi-infused album 'Mirror of the Heart'

Skyline of Poona

First track from Bindu's newly released album 'Plain Tales from Poona' - with lyrics...

For a Platonic Lover

A poem by Madhuri

I Am an Ing

A poem by Rashid