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The world headquarters will be publishing my books, will be releasing my tapes, videotapes, will be doing every kind of work. But it has no domination over anybody. All communes of the world are independent. All centers of the world are absolutely free. They are under nobody’s guidance. My sannyasins are directly related to me.

It is the whole idea of private property that has created the father, that has created the family, that has created the ownership of the woman by the man.


You must have heard about the Japanese poem, haiku. It is the smallest poetry form in the world – seventeen syllables only – but one of the most penetrating. The word ‘haiku’ means ‘the beginning’. This is a tremendous significance – the word haiku means the beginning. The haiku poets say: We only begin, we

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Aum purnamadah purnamidam purnat purnamudachyate purnasya purnamadaya purnameva vashisyate.     Aum this is the cold. That is the cold. From coldness emerges coldness. Coldness coming from coldness, coldness still remains!   This morning is really cold, hence the change of the meaning. I don’t stick to the words, I stick to the reality! Therefore,