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Crows and Ravens

Communicating with birds - and shedding light on the fascinating traits of crows and ravens.

Very Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse

On Sunday, November 3, 2013, people in several parts of the world will be able to experience a very rare solar eclipse.

Heated Women’s Debate

A very heated debate took place about faith and atheism at the BBC's inaugural '100 Women Conference' on 25 October 2013 in London.

Fukushima Watch

Latest events endangering Fukushima and the entire world, and how to understand the deeper implications of catastrophes, as well as good and evil.

Caesar’s Messiah

Today, October 19, 2013, American Biblical scholar Joseph Atwill will be appearing before the British public for the first time to present a controversial new discovery which is [...]

Sun About to Flip Magnetic Field

According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the sun's vast magnetic field is about to flip.

Aura Portraits

Striking photographs that capture the colours of a person's aura and reflect how they feel.

Death Dinners

Death dinners trending in the USA as baby boomers age.

Euthanasia Cases in the Netherlands Rise

As reported by Bruno Waterfield of The Telegraph, UK, last month, the number of Dutch people choosing medical euthanasia has more than doubled in the 10 years since legislation was [...]

Steamy Times

Reading Satyarthi’s story on building the orgone egg got my memory cells excited – so here’s another part of the story:

Remember the Wisdom that Progress Forgot

Fifteen years ago, Suresha, known to many of our readers primarily as a martial arts teacher and gifted singer, branched out into an entirely different world, that of shamanism.

When My Life Really Began

Dharm Jyoti speaks about the search for her master.

Fukushima Consequences Unstoppable

Looking at reality almost 2,5 years since Fukushima.

Messy Desks and Creativity

The Telegraph, UK, reports about a new study that compared messy desks with tidy desks.

Sweden’s Positive Trash Dilemma

An environmentalist’s dream: a shortage of garbage.

Converting Plastic into Oil

Tao alerted us to this video that shows the machine invented by Akinori Ito that turns plastic waste into oil.

The Battle of Hastings

Here the very bare bones about the famous Battle of Hastings:

Another Spin of the Wheel

An excerpt from Chapter 5 of ‘The Great Debacle', the third in Anand Premesh’s trilogy of books, entitled 'The Ashoka Chronicles'.

Embracing the Reality of Dying

Stirring photographs and statements by dying people.

War Games?

Bombing the Great Barrier Reef.

Pope’s Tweets: Time Off Purgatory

Breaking news about Pope Francis' Twitter account:

A Passage to America

Review of Max Brecher's revised and updated book.

NSA, PRISM and Big Brother

A look at George Orwell's visionary book '1984' and the present day reality of NSA, PRISM and other government control functions.

The Mystics

Review of Aubrey Menen’s book portraying Indian mystics, published in 1974.

Outlawed in Pakistan

This film premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and documents the rape of a young girl five years ago and the events that followed.

Downing Street Crisis about Love

The Daily Mail reports on June 1, 2013 a ‘sensational’ love affair:

Experiencing Silence in Siberia

Forty year-old Sylvain Tesson has been called France’s ‘most brilliant travel writer’.

Zorba the Buddha

Review of a new book containing a comprehensive compilation of Osho’s discourses on the New Man.

Vinod Khanna, Bollywood actor and sannyasin

Whatever happened to Vinod Bharti, friends from outside India sometimes inquire. And the Daily Bhaskar (TDB), India, in its usual sensational yellow press and not-so-factual [...]

Terence Stamp Today

There’s been a flurry of articles about Terence Stamp in the English press over the last few weeks coinciding with a scheduled BFI (British Film Industry) retrospective of his [...]

Respect Osho’s Words

It’s not the first time I have come across discrepancies in what Osho says in an audio discourse and the written form in a book or text.

Goose, What Goose?

Bhagawati reflects on enlightenment and remembers a particular discourse.

Mystics of the East

A review of well selected public discourses given by Osho on enlightened masters born in the East

Searching for Sugar Man

Review of the Oscar winning documentary about Sixto Rodriguez's life.

Predators Without Chain

Osho is mentioned in the article below as if Kevin Dutton had included Osho in his book. This is not so - a friend has read the book and confirmed this. We are looking at a blatant [...]

Sound is the Cosmic Language

A study of brain scans of people listening to music reveals similar patterns.

Mother Teresa: The Crumbling of a Myth

Upheld and revered for decades as a virtual saint, Mother Teresa’s carefully tailored image has been shredded.

Assange Stalemate Interrupted

As reported widely in the last few days, from Times of India to The Guardian to Aljazeera and not so much in the USA...

In Love and Silence

Bhagawati's review of Madhuro's latest CD.

Tragedy at Osho Ketan in Stuttgart

Update 25th March 2013: Laya's body was found late last night near the German city of Rottenburg am Neckar according to local police

Designer Babies

Healthy and upgraded babies from the lab may soon be commonplace.

Beyond Darkness

Review of Veet Tamaso’s book.

Pope Resigns as Prophesied

Unexpected to many, Pope Benedict XVI will step down on February 28, 2013, apparently due to ill health and age.

Blessed Days with Osho

Bhagawati reviews Ageh Bharti's book.

Canned Air

Latest remedy for those who need to breathe some fresh air.

Speak with Conviction!

Listening to people speak, I have often wondered why so many make random, commonplace statements and query them at the same time. Their voice ups and the sentence becomes a [...]

Atlantis: Truth or Myth and So What

A subject that appears to be firmly embedded in our collective unconscious is the story about a vast island empire that disappeared.

Eyes Emit Light

Firmly embedded in our collective subconscious is the belief that eyes are the windows to the soul.