Gautama the Buddha


Osho explains that each pilgrimage has its own key – no wrong person should reach the authentic place, but the right person will always find it. From ‘Hidden Mysteries’, Ch 2, Part 4 of 9.


You can go on moving backwards, and you will find everything that has happened in existence up to now, had to happen for you to happen.

Osho speaking in Pune 2

Beloved Buddha, Once, after Daiji had become an enlightened master, he said to his monks, “I’m not going to explain any more debates; you know, it’s just a disease.” At this, a monk stood up from the assembly and came forward; Daiji went back to his room. On another occasion, when Daiji was sweeping the

Marc muses on the fact that Buddha has become a household name and that there is a need arising in people to connect to their inner world.

Wagner and Buddha

BBC reports on May 10, 2013, that the opera ‘Wagner Dream’ links Wagner’s dying days in Venice with his interest in Buddhism.