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European Institute of Body Oriented Healing Arts

Kasia Patzelt visits EIBOHA in Poland, the institute founded by Giten and Nisarga. [...]

Osho in London

Chetna and Swaram talk to Osho News about Love Osho. [...]

Ozen Cocom Mexico: Creating a Paradise

Dhyanraj talks about the new project of Ozen Swami Rajneesh. [...]

Who Is In at the Inn

Deva Prem writes about Kio-o, a new retreat center in Canada. [...]

Osho Circle School

Sarjano writes about his visit to the Osho centre near Rimini, Italy [...]

Shangri La & Karavanserai

Amar tells the story how she and Bhagat came to live in the Czech Republic, open a meditation centre, a holistic venue, a guest house and how the place became a sannyas community. [...]

Visiting Osho Tapoban

Paritosho visits the main Osho centre in Nepal. [...]

Zorba the Buddha

Jivan writes about the Zorba the Buddha Centre in New Delhi, India. [...]

Osho Niranjana

A beautiful new Osho meditation centre has opened its doors in Valley Center, San Diego County, California. [...]

Then and Now in the USA with Osho

Prateeksha writes from Osho Fort Worth in Texas ... [...]

The Master is Always at Work

Satya Priya reveals how Osho Padma Meditation Center in New York mysteriously runs by itself. [...]

Osho Galleria Oregon

Champak's meditation and information centre cum artifact and reading room to open soon.. [...]


Rashid writes about finding peace through Meditation, Celebration, Creativity and Nature. [...]

Osho Meditation Oasis in Austria

Beautiful Osho meditation oasis situated among rolling hills in Styria... [...]

Serendipity in Greece

Mridu and Marga talk about their Osho Institute near Athens. [...]

The Satori Tree at Osho Moulshree

Bodhena visits Osho Moulshree near Bhopal [...]

Osho Bali Retreat Center

...opening on 1st October 2012 (tomorrow!) [...]

Il Bel Canto – The Beautiful Corner

Prartho and Bharatam's place in Tuscany is open for visitors! [...]

Osho Leela: Full Immersion in Celebration & Meditation

Maneesha visits Osho Leela in Dorset, UK [...]

Atitlan ArteVista: a creative art retreat

Deva Nirguna introduces us to a creative art retreat in the heart of the living Mayan culture - it is an invitation! [...]

Cologne’s Osho UTA Turns 30

On 2nd June Osho UTA in Cologne, Germany, celebrates its 30th anniversary [...]

Alexis Zorbas: A Corfu Experience

Anadi and Pari, directors of Alexis Zorbas in Arillas, Corfu (Greece), tell us the story of the place [...]

Happy Birthday Miasto!

This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Miasto, the much loved Osho commune and holistic venue in Tuscany, Italy [...]

Miasto, My Love!

A tribute by Devapath to the Osho centre in Tuscany for it's 30th anniversary [...]

Sangha Lila Dreaming

Vidya introduces us to Sangha Lila, a small community in Costa Rica, where the most essential ingredient is nature! [...]

Grateful Snapshots of Osho Sammasati in Chile

Maya Vati sends us from Chile a portrait of Osho Sammasati, run by Aseema, in the form of poems [...]

Osho Risk in Denmark

A stroll through Osho Risk: the Buddhafield in the Heart of Denmark [...]

Osho Gondwana

Osho Gondwana in Australia - a community of friends who are happy to welcome you for a visit [...]

Osho Nisarga: A Haven for Meditators

Osho Meditation Centre at the foothills of the Hamalayas near Dharmsala, India [...]

Thailand: The Womb Meditation Center

Pranesh acquired a property in the north of Thailand and is turning it into a centre for meditation and workshops. [...]

Corfu Buddha Hall

Interview with Vasanti who built the Buddha Hall in Magoulades near Arillas, on the Ionian island Corfu (Kerkyra). [...]