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We can learn much, seeing what is happening, and then we can think introspectively about other civilizations which have disappeared, either through war or through calamities which apparently look natural.

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Science is still working continuously to find a way to prolong life – to make it longer and longer and longer, and then ultimately to make life immortal.

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The politician is not interested in children’s intelligence, because leaders are leaders only because people are stupid. Just think: if this country were intelligent, can you believe a man like Morarji Desai would be the Prime Minister of the country? It would be impossible. It is ridiculous! But people are so stupid; they will find


A politician was very much in love with his dog. One day he went to the market to buy some dog biscuits. He entered a shop and shouted, “Have you got biscuits for dogs?” The shopkeeper calmly replied, “Do you want to eat them here or do you want to take them home?” Politicians fight

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I am going to say whatsoever I feel is the truth, and every day I will go on sharpening the truth. I have spoken so much for all kinds of people – three hundred books are there. Now I have to create three hundred more books to get rid of all that I have said!

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I am existing here in a very alien and strange world. I would like to give you many things but I cannot, because you yourself will resist. I would like to make you aware of many things in your being, but you will be against me. I have to go very slowly, I have to

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Your time is created within you. Your time is not my time. There exist as many times parallel as there are minds. There is not one time. If there is one time, then there will be difficulty. Then amidst the whole miserable human-kind, nobody can become a Buddha because we belong to the same time.


Q: Meher Baba remained silent for the last forty-five years of his life. Please comment on its implications.

The third question: Organizations have always frightened me because I felt there is a built-in evilness, and maybe a necessary evil. The Rajneesh Foundation is an organization, and has every possibility of becoming a very powerful organization. Can you tell me why the foundation is necessary? Yes. Because evil is necessary. The fourth question… Osho,

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Q: Osho, are you really crazy? How can I be crazy? I have no mind out of which to go. Osho, The First Principle, Ch 10, Q 4  

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The concept of the successor is bureaucratic. The very idea of succession is not the right idea in the world of consciousness. That’s why I have said, I will not have successors. But you are right in saying that you will carry in your bones and in your blood my love, my insight. But don’t

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My whole message is: Accept the you that you are, because God accepts it. God respects it, and you have not respected your being yet. Be immensely happy that God has chosen you to be, that God has chosen you to exist, to see his world, to listen to his music, to see his stars,

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The third world war is coming closer, but I am not interested in avoiding it or bringing it. Who cares? My whole interest is in you, and I want you to become aware that this earth is not going to live for long. If this becomes an awareness in you it will be a transforming

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The bodhisattvas make every effort to awaken people, knowing perfectly well that out of a million people, perhaps one may understand them and the remaining will either be indifferent, or most probably will misunderstand. Bodhisattvas know perfectly well that speaking the truth is a very shortcut way to create enemies in the world, because the

Boredom is absolutely human. A buffalo is never bored, a donkey is never bored – only man, only a highly evolved consciousness. If you are not bored with your life, it simply shows that you live in a very low state of consciousness. A Buddha is bored, a Jesus is bored, a Mahavira is bored

The positive people have to come out in the light, and tell with emphasis their own experiences and what they understand about me and my relationship to my people. Unless they come out and do it, they are in an indirect way helping the negative people. Because if those negative people are not contradicted, it

It has to be understood very clearly that nobody has a duty to spread my vision, my message to the people. I hate the very word missionary. These are the ugliest creatures on the earth. I don’t want to create missionaries. You have to be utterly selfish, concentrated on only one aim: becoming enlightened. As

America is in the grip of a very monstrous regime, and naturally they became afraid of a small commune that could become a model and people could become attracted to it. They were not so much afraid of Soviet Russia – it is so far away. We were amidst them. And their fear is natural.

This always happens: when I say something, I create two groups of people around me. One group will be exoteric. They will organize, they will do many things concerned with society, with the world that is without; they will help preserve whatsoever I am saying. The other group will be more concerned with the inner

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With the old, there is a guarantee. Millions and millions of people have followed it, how can so many people be wrong? That is the guarantee. If so many people say it is right, it must be right. In fact the logic of life is just the opposite. If so many people are following a

You may be the last generation which has the possibility to rebel. And if you don’t rebel, there may be no more chances: humanity can be reduced to a robotlike existence. So rebel while there is still time!   Osho, The Book of Wisdom, Ch 4, Q 1

In your lectures you talk about Gurdjieff, Ramana, Ramakrishna, Basho, and others who are physically not alive, but why don’t you talk about the enlightened persons who are physically alive today? The question is from Swami Yoga Chinmaya. He has the knack of asking foolish questions. Now, if there is some enlightened person alive, he

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Q: You are the best killer, Osho. One year with you and slowly your poison is working in my mind. Whatever I pretend to be looks ugly and dirty; everything is in a turmoil. But now, in such a great confusion, how to find a small door for the divine to enter.

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I am not here to fulfill your expectations. If I fulfill your expectations I will never be able to transform you. I am here to destroy all your expectations; I am here to shock you. And in those shocking experiences your mind will stop. You will not be able to figure it out: and that

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Humanity is dying. All that is human is disappearing, and all that is inhuman is becoming more and more dominating and powerful. Osho, The Book of Wisdom, Ch 24, Q 1

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We are carrying incredible worlds within our souls, and we are not aware of them. We have the seeds of incredible experiences of love, ecstasy, but we have never allowed them to explode over our being, we have never allowed them to pulsate us. The whole effort here is to make you able to pulsate,


We are not going to live forever. As far as any individual is concerned, he is going to die. And when you die, what does it matter whether the society goes on living or not? For you, the moment you close your eyes everything is finished: the third world war has happened.   I have

  Belief is the opium which all the religions have been giving you in good doses. I am trying to destroy your addiction to the opium. My whole effort is to leave you alone. Yes, you will feel fear, you will feel a certain trembling, you will feel all is lost; but this is just

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Yes, I am a killer, in a way. I have to kill you because that is the only way for you to be reborn. I have to cut you completely from your past, I have to destroy your biography. Then only, the new can arise. Osho, The Beloved, Vol 2, Ch 4 I am not