Archive for Remembering Here&Now

From California ‘back’ to Poona

After enjoying California and the American dream, Bodhena joins Osho back in Poona...

Osho in Frank Sinatra’s Lyrics

In this video, ol' blue-eyes Frank Sinatra's song 'I Believe in You' was mixed with footage of Osho and Rajneeshpuram. It would all fit perfectly had the words 'I believe in you' [...]

Heraklion, Crete

Yogena remembers the day Osho was arrested in Greece...

In the Girls’ Room with Big Prem

from Punya's memories in Saswad...

Now What?

Part 17 of Bodhena's Samsara: he is now in the Santa Cruz scene

Journey to the Heart: Music Group 1979

Enjoy and tune into all that incredible energy, the river of love and marvelous long hair flying all over!

I Was Seeing Him in My Dreams

Ma Prem Divya (aka Zulma Reino) recalls the years spent with Osho.

A Day in Mahendra’s Life 1988

In 1988, Mahendra (aka Ananya) produced a video letter to his parents, showing a bit of his daily life in Poona, scenes from the ashram, Vipassana meditation, a beautiful reminder [...]

I Had Expected Him To Seduce Me

A few years ago, Ma Prem Mangala, who left her body this month, wrote this account of her taking sannyas.

What Was It All About?

Bodhena's 'Samsara' part 16

Out of Sync!

More changes on the Ranch - Bodhena's Samsara, part 15

Mystery At B-Site Solved After 30 Years

Prem Sandesh was tickled by Bodhena’s mention of using peanut butter to catch mice at B-site...

Snoopy to Batman, come in please!

Bodhena keeps the Ranch safe - with some humour! (part 14 of Samsara)

It Happened with Osho’s Touch

Arun, the coordinator of Osho Tapoban, Nepal, tells his story of how he took sannyas.

Where There’s No Will There’s No Way

Final part (four of four) of Max Brecher's in-depth analysis: 'A Radically New Look at Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and a Controversial American Commune'.

Neighbors, Macho Boys and the Power Structure

Part 13 of Bodhena's 'Samsara'.

Energy Darshans

Jeevan remembers, with gratitude, one of her energy darshans.

Same Old Leopard, Same Old Spots

Part three of Max Brecher's analysis on the 'Controversial American Commune'.

1st Annual World Celebration: Photos

Photo album by participants from Italy at the Festival in Oregon.

The First Annual World Celebration

How celebration tent platforms become A-frames and quadruplexes - from Bodhena's 'Samsara'.

A Particular Silence

Madhuri remembers a particular discourse.

From Geetam to the Ranch

Bodhena's arrival in the States: Geetam and the Ranch (part 11)

For Love and Money

Part two of Max Brecher's: 'A Radically New Look at Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and a Controversial American Commune'.

The Last Mango in Poona

Part 10 of Bodhena's 'Samsara'

Work in Europe, Returning to Rajneeshpuram and Life in Pune 2

Part 5 of Bhagawati's interview about her years in the commune given last year in New Delhi.

Kirtan Mandali

Another excerpt from Veena's 'Glimpses of my Master' which is now also available as a paperback

Golden Ballpoint Pens for Osho

Satyananda recalls how he dealt with Laxmi's request to buy two golden ballpoint pens for Osho.

Guarding in a Judogi

This is part 9 of Bodhena' Samsara: how he becomes a guard in the ashram

A Really Weird Afternoon

Madhuri remembers a visit to the Ranch of two representatives of the telephone company

Hiking in the Dark

Madhuri's late night roaming in the Oregon hills

Osho’s Rolls in the US Press

Punya remembers filing hundreds of press clippings with the photos of Osho's Rolls Royces

Baksheesh and a Peg Leg

Bodhena's story continues: politicians, knives, journalists and a broken leg

Loving Berlin and Moving on to Rajneeshpuram

Part 4 of Bhagawati's interview about her life after Pune 1

The Fuck Joke

Another juicy excerpt from Bodhena's sannyas story

It Was Absolute Magic

Part 3 of Bhagawati's interview about her life in Pune 1

Osho, Could you Smile?

Part 2: Muni becomes an ashram photographer and meets Osho again 'on the job'

An Extraordinarily Ordinary Man

Veena is asked to take the measurements to sew the curtains for Osho's room

Travels with Sadhus and Yarns of Wool

Part 2 of Buddhaprem's sannyas story

The 16th Karmapa Speaks About Osho

The 16th Lama Karmapa speaks about Osho and his work as a World Teacher, and about past lives

Govind Siddharth’s Visit to the 16th Karmapa

The 16th Karmapa speaks to Govind Siddharth about Osho

How I found my master or how he found me

A delightful picture of the hippie times by Buddhaprem (part 1)

My Geography Thesis

Part 6: Bodhena's scientific and humorous evaluation of the population at the Poona ashram in 1978/79

Ashram Life

Part 2 of an interview given by Bhagawati to Atul Anand of Osho World in Delhi

Fragments of Our Memories

Fragments and glimpses of a day in Pune 1 times

Drink it, Drink it All!

Part 1: Muni's adventures while taking photographs of Osho in Pune 1 and in Crete

Osho Making Fun of our Seriousness

How Maneesha coped, as a question-asker, when Osho was playing with us

The Last Drive-by

Part 5 of Roshani's visit to the Ranch during the Second World Celebration

The Dutch Ladies and Other Meetings

Part 4 of Roshani's notes on the Summer Celebration at the Ranch in 1983

I Had Come Home

Bhagawati is interviewed on the life in the ashram and the communes

No ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’

Bodhena's story continues: girls, kids, groups and leaving darshan with the master