Archive for Remembering Here&Now

Eighty Four Hours of Wakefulness

Satya Vedant tells us the story of a journey from New York on a bus full of 'Share-a-Home' people

The Photographer and the Master

The story of how Sarjano started taking photographs of Osho - and in particular the ones with the marigolds

Strange and More Strange Things

Part 3 of Roshani’s notes from the 2nd Annual World Celebration in 1983

Taking Sannyas

Bodhena takes sannyas and comments with humour on the going-ons in the ashram of those days

Kali Puja and other Adventures in Bengal

Part 1: Kali Puja - From a Bengal Diary by Chinmaya Dunster from 1986

Women’s Jealousy

Osho's answer to Maneesha's question exposes the jealousy of all the women in the commune

Amongst His Books

Madhuri remembers her time working in Osho's library

Enjoying the Festival

Part 2 of Roshani's visit to the Ranch during the Second World Celebration

An Unusual Ambulance Ride

Premananda remembers an accident and ambulance ride on the Ranch

What’s Cooking?

Part 3: Bodhena arrives in Poona in 1977 and enrolls for his first groups

The Barbarous Mind

Hits upon hits - to understand jealousy: "Whatever I am saying to one person, everybody has to look within himself to see whether that is applicable to him…"

Impressions of the Second World Celebration

Part 1: Roshani, still a non-sannyasin, arrives at her first Celebration on the Ranch

A Visit from the East

Veena remembers Tamo San's visit to Pune and her own visit to her house in Japan

A Narrow Escape

Part 2: Bodhena travels across Africa in the early seventies

July! Not May!

Toby recalls an event when he had to replace in a video the word 'May' with 'July'

How I Got Fired

Madhuri's adventures while working, worshipping and playing in the Buddhafield

The Bursting of the Boil

Anando reading the questions for a second and third day? Even changing Maneesha's questions? It all got resolved through spontaneous...

Orange Connection Event 1981

Remembering the Orange Connection Event in Berlin, November 1981

Coming Back for More

Part 1 of Bodhena’s Adventures in Samsara

Fashion on the Ranch

Being fashion conscious in the middle of nowhere...

The Princesses (part 2)

Part 2 of a Madhuri's fictional 'real' story: two princesses and a queen meet princes, fortune tellers and finally...

Taking Care of Osho

In an interview given to Sudha in 1978, Nirvano tells her story about how she came to meet Osho.

The Device

Maneesha tells the story when Osho called her 'serious'

My Leaving Darshan

Osho talks to Jeevan about sexuality during her leaving darshan and she sings him a song

Beyond Finite Consciousness

Excerpt from Ann V. Graber's book The Journey Home: Preparing for Life's Ultimate Adventure

An Old Sinner

Maneesha receives Osho's loving Zen hits via Niskriya, the bald cameraman

Singing for Osho

Jeevan asks Osho in a darshan: How do you feel about me singing your words?

A Ride More Fly

Madhuri is invited by Osho for a drive in his Rolls in New Jersey and for a dance during a line-up in Jesus Grove on the Ranch

Living with a Contemporary Koan

Maneesha writes the questions for the Zen series: a way for her to learn what a koan is...

Guru Voodoo

An excerpt from Subhuti's My Dance with a Madman: Tales by a British journalist about his life with a controversial Indian mystic

Where will you run away in an earthquake?

Can you run faster than a tsunami? How do you cope with cataclysms like the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan?

Happy Birthday from Fremantle

Video made by Australian sannyasins in the early eighties for Osho to see what his people were doing there

The Last Days of Rancho Rajneesh

Memories of the closure of the Ranch, written while they were still fresh in Viramo's mind


In 'Jesus Crucified Again, This Time in Ronald Reagan’s America' Osho tells us his journey from one jail to the next

The Irreplaceable Melody

Maneesha writes:

Remembering Now

Tom Rush's endearing song about remembering

Stations Along the Way

Ramaprem's quirky historical photo site of stations we shared along the way

The Incomparable Privilege

Maneesha remembers Osho's answer to her writers' block and reading for Osho from Nietzsche's Zarathustra

Our Final Questions

Maneesha and Amrito write their 'final' questions during the uncertain times in Uruguay

Kundalini Snake: Help!

The final meditation of the day experienced by newbie Fatima

The Whispered Transmission

Maneesha asks of Osho the questions of visiting journalists and sannyasins in Greece and later in Uruguay

An Experiment: Mind Over Matter

Osho asks Maneesha, during a discourse, to find out the tremendous control that the mind has over the body

Get ready for Nadabrahma!

Fatima's discovery of Osho's meditations continues with Nadabrahma, the sound of Brahma

How I Started Translating Osho into German

Nirvano's story of how he started to translate Osho's books into German, something he is still doing to this day

Reading the Questions to Osho: How It All Started

Maneesha tells us about being the question-asker in Osho's discourses

Osho’s father – Devateerth Bharti

During a rare interview in the seventies, Osho's father tells Sarjano about 'little Mohan's' childhood and how he took sannyas

Osho’s mother – Amrit Saraswati

During the seventies, Osho's mother tells Sarjano how she took sannyas and how she thinks of him as her Master but also her son

Nataraj: Our Next Meditation

Fatima discovers the god Nataraj, the dancer Nijinsky and her own blissful dance

A Photographer's Breakthrough

Visitors and press photographers at a summer festival in Rajeeshpuram, Oregon

Rajneeshpuram Residents Profile

Interesting data about the population in Rajneeshpuram collected by the University of Oregon in 1983