Archive for Poetry

Death by Poetry

Madhuri's take on Poetry - with some of her poems in audio

Dancer in the Dark

A poem by Buddhaprem

A Winter Kingdom

A poem by Madhuri

The Hawk

A poem by Franz Wright from his book, God's Silence

Delta Lotus

A poem by Michael Graber

Winter Wakeup

A seasonal illustrated poem by Maneesha

Teacher Moon

A poem by Madhuri

This is the test

A poem by Michael Graber

I saw you

Vimalkirti's poem for his master, Osho

We Are Fields Before Each Other

An immortal poem by Thomas Aquinas

Autumnal Reverie…

As autumn moves out, a poem and photos by Maneesha to celebrate its grandeur

On the other shore

A poem by Buddhaprem

The Moon

A poem by Madhuri

OMG This Autumn – For Joshua

A poem by Rashid inspired by a recent autumn day

There Is Only the Dance

A poem by T.S. Eliot that Osho cited

Homage to Rainer Maria Rilke

A small homage to Rainer Maria Rilke and his work

Blue Water – for Nisarg

A poem by Madhuri

The Rishi Told Me

A poem written and read by Devadasi, Madhuri and Sarita's 93 year old mother

The Pool

A poem by Jivan Kavyo

Moon Portrait

A poem by Madhuri

Valencia Island

It's ten o'clock at night, boats strung out from the stone quay along a floating walkway, the white hotel a-crowd with chilly gawkers

When Rain is Moving

When rain is moving I am still. Inside a 12-foot-wide house with forearm-deep windows I look out on jungle plenty, waving leaves

Beasts and Beloveds

A sampling of Veetmoha's poem collection, written between 1999 and 2008

Haikus by AviBob

Haikus from Avinash's celebrative and humorous world


Fatima's contribution this month: her Neo-Haikus