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Horoscope March 2015

Finally, the last of the seven Uranus Pluto squares takes place, says Sitara.

Horoscope February 2015

Sitara says although there's some Neptunian fog and intoxication by Lilith, it’s about staying alert and striving for clarity.

Horoscope January 2015

2015 begins with a strong call for freedom and renewal, says Sitara.

Horoscope December 2014

Once again a challenge to provide our lives with a more healthy foundation - during the final phase of the Uranus-Pluto square, comments Sitara.

Horoscope November 2014

Until full moon, good going - after that some restraint is advised and be aware of arising irritations, says Sitara.

Horoscope October 2014

The Uranus-Pluto Square continues to be turbulent but helped by other harmonious configurations we can expect a positive end result, says Sitara.

Horoscope September 2014

At the beginning of the month there's a hurdle to overcome, says Sitara.

Horoscope August 2014

This can be a really exciting summer month, says Sitara!

Horoscope July 2014

Sitara says, those who like change will look forward to new opportunities...

Horoscope June 2014

Be aware of possible ill-considered actions and careless mistakes ... even though Chiron supports with vital common sense.

Horoscope May 2014

After the turbulences of last month now a time for action, says Sitara.

Horoscope April 2014

Sitara says: The fifth Uranus-Pluto square dominates the month bringing highly explosive conditions in which unexpected reversals may occur.

Horoscope March 2014

Sitara says now it would be good to examine your personal life and inner motivation.

Horoscope February 2014

Sitara says team work and anything to do with healing and improving health is favoured during February. Be aware of the second Jupiter-Uranus square forming at the end of the [...]

Horoscope January 2014

Sitara alerts us that the new year starts with a lot of tension - best to treat each other with kid gloves and sincere objectivity!

Horoscope December 2013

Through the crisis and turning point of the Uranus-Pluto constellation in November, new paths have become inevitable, says Sitara.

Horoscope November 2013

Sitara says we find ourselves in the middle of a far-reaching and radically new process of transformation ...

Horoscope October 2013

Sitara sees the beginning of a profound mental and emotional development...

Horoscope September 2013

Sitara says, "This month it's primarily about love ...."

Horoscope August 2013

A large cross is forming in the skies between Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Venus in Libra this month...

Horoscope July 2013

Sitara says, this July is like a treasure trove!

Horoscope June 2013

Jupiter’s entry into Cancer ushers in a phase that is about coming home – in the deepest, but also in the most superficial sense. This means for one year now it is about [...]

Horoscope May 2013

Sitara says, it is important, not to repeat last year’s behaviour patterns but to consider them as lessons.

Horoscope April 2013

Sitara's take on April's stars:

Horoscope March 2013

A harmonious start to March, then, after new moon there's boisterous sparkle of fire and air elements...

Horoscope February 2013

Sitara says: "To find our direction we need a little time to tune into the new energies of this month..."

Horoscope January 2013

The year beings with a spiritual reorientation.

Horoscope December 2012

"Hidden truths are coming to light," says Sitara...

Horoscope November 2012

Sitara's horoscope for this month: "Hidden truths are coming to light..."

Horoscope October 2012

From Sitara: Every two years, Saturn changes zodiac signs. This October he leaves Libra and enters Scorpio...

Horoscope September 2012

"We are entering a deep process of death and rebirth," says Sitara.

Horoscope August 2012

"Supported by Jupiter, Aquarius Full Moon ushers in this August with a light-hearted energy..." says Sitara.

Horoscope July 2012

July continues to be permeated by Uranus-Pluto vibrations, says Sitara.

Horoscope June 2012

Two major astrological events shape the month of June, says Sitara.

Horoscope May 2012

Sitara previews that the positive mood continues with increasing momentum...

Horoscope April 2012

Sitara's April-stars for you!

Horoscope March 2012

March: an intense month with enormous potential, introducing a paradigm shift in various areas of our lives.

Horoscope February 2012

Neptune, god of the seas, has arrived in Pisces where he will remain until the beginning of 2026. In his own realm of visions, fantasies, ideals, mysteries and mysticism, there is [...]

Horoscope January 2012

Mars in Virgo is moving towards its retrograde motion which begins on January 24th. Mid-April it is going to turn again and only reaching its present position in mid-June.

Horoscope December 2011

Beginning in December, a barely perceptible reorientation into a new direction sets in

Horoscope November 2011

This November it is about our attitude towards what we do and how we do it, and the first and second half of the month differ significantly.

Horoscope October 2011

This month is marked by the most manifold contrasts which not necessarily have to be in conflict with one another

Horoscope September 2011

This month is divided in two parts. While expansive, rather soft energies dominate during the first half of September; during the second half startling and renewing powers have [...]

Horoscope August 2011

The summer tranquillity at the beginning of the month will be followed by issues that will give us a foretaste of 2012

Horoscope July 2011

Those who act playfully, feel caringly, and think generously are in tune with July’s planets

Horoscope June 2011

Jupiter in Taurus brings heaven to earth, inviting us to dive into the divinity of life

Horoscope May 2011

Don’t worry, we won’t have to experience something like the last two months for quite some time!

Horoscope April 2011

Last month’s perception of a new beginning increases; until mid-May at least five of ten planets are always in Aries

Horoscope March 2011

Your horoscope for March 2011 from Sitara

Horoscope February 2011

Your Horoscope for February 2011 by Sitara: If we welcome Saturn as a stabilizing factor, it will support us with a feeling of safety and competence