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The End Is My Beginning

Review of the book and film featuring Tiziano Terzani’s talks to his son about his life and the greatest journey of all, death.

Il Bel Canto – The Beautiful Corner

Prartho and Bharatam's place in Tuscany is open for visitors!

Near-Death Experience and the Blink Environment

Natalie Sudman is an American archaeologist who signed up to manage construction contracts in Iraq, working mainly with the civilian army. Returning to base in a convoy of four [...]

No More Nuclear Power!

The Japanese music band Frying Dutchman organised an anti-nuclear power march on the anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. They were performing “HumanERROR”, an album they had [...]

Dolphins Declared to be ‘Non Human Persons’

As recently reported by The Daily Mail, scientists, philosophers and animal welfare groups have made a declaration of dolphin rights, affirming that all cetaceans as persons have [...]

Alien Particles In Our Solar System

As reported by Andrew Fazekas in National Geographic News, for the first time particles of ‘alien’ origin were gathered by the IBEX probe, originating from interstellar space [...]

Nuts About Walnuts

Often, when reading about decisions made by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the government body controlling more and more what Americans can eat or not eat, the [...]

Almond Milk

A delicious alternative to dairy!

Microwave Radiation Also in Your Home

Many studies have been published about electromagnetic fields and their negative impact on humans and animals. The Swiss Government assessed that all devices emitting EMFs have the [...]

Osho at the 20th World Book Fair, Delhi

Osho World Foundation participated at the bi-yearly World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, which ran from February 25 until March 4, 2012.

Tornado on the Sun

A spectacular event in February captured by NASA.

Coffee is my Cup of Tea

Never mind all those voices about coffee being good or bad. All food and beverage intake in moderation is alright as far as I'm concerned!

Youthful and Healthy At Any Age

Bhagawati meets Grahi and writes about his approach to health. The secret is to grow youthful!

Alleged Plot Against the Pope

While we were posting St. Malachy’s prophecies, news about a plot to kill the present pope came in.

Loving Berlin and Moving on to Rajneeshpuram

Part 4 of Bhagawati's interview about her life after Pune 1

Nena and Osho’s Meditations

Dynamic Meditation as background to Nena's song 'We are true'

Grow Youthful by Jivan Grahi

Review of Jivan Grahi's book presenting a practical guide to slowing your ageing

Nature’s Ecstasy and Wings of Life

Science meets the mystical

Women Are a Complete Mystery

The male mind and the mystery about women

Protesters Instill Fear in Leaders

Politicians react with fear to protests in Canberra, Australia

It Was Absolute Magic

Part 3 of Bhagawati's interview about her life in Pune 1

Lamu – Kenya’s Magical Island

Review of Oscar's documentary of the island of Lamu

Doomsday Clock

Looking at the recently reset Doomsday Clock, is there a way out?

Osho’s past and Tibet

Osho's connection with Tibet heard and seen by sannyasins

A Vanished Road by Veena

A review on Veena's travel book from Europe to India.

Ashram Life

Part 2 of an interview given by Bhagawati to Atul Anand of Osho World in Delhi

Vegetarian Soup Stock

A large quantity of vegetarian soup stock is a stand-by in Bhagawati's kitchen

Celebration of Light by Deuter

New CD by Chaitanya Hari for the festive season

Hellbent for Enlightenment by Nirgun

An intriguing journey into Nirgun's experiences in Pune and Rajneeshpuram

I Had Come Home

Bhagawati is interviewed on the life in the ashram and the communes

Timelapse of the International Space Station flying over Earth

Stunning footage of Earth taken from the International Space Station

Osho Lao Tzu Library

An in-depth report about the research of Anand Neeten into Osho's work, his books, and Lao Tzu Library

Homage to Rainer Maria Rilke

A small homage to Rainer Maria Rilke and his work

Saving the Planet

Can we save our planet by protesting and demonstrating?

Whispering Cells… Happy Cells

Navanita's cellular approach to healing

All Sickness is Homesickness

Navanita shares case studies of her cellular healing work

Eternal Varanasi

Describing the indescribable - Bhagawati's visit to Varanasi.

We Should Be So Lucky

A hundred year old lady speaks on attitude and humor in a most endearing way

Neutrinos (aka Ghost Particles) Beat Speed of Light

CERN test results suggest that subatomic particles move faster than the speed of light and Osho's take on this science

Boatlift – An Untold Story

The untold story how half a million people were rescued from Manhattan island on 9/11

International Reunion in Munich

Programme of the Event and the story of Mega who had initiated similar events in the past

The Journey Home

Compassionately written book offering help to get to terms with the reality of dying

Interview with Salman Rushdie

A look at a recent interview with Salman Rushdie and what Osho has to say about the fatwa that was imposed on him

India – In Through the Outdoor

Bhagawati's review on Premgit's outstanding photo book of images taken in India.

First Unrest, Then War

It appears powers won't let Middle East crisis be solved until Gaddafi is ousted

Choosing to Die

High media coverage on euthanesia and assisted suicide because of recent BBC documentary

Dealing With Painful Memories

A new study proposes pill to erase painful memories

Oh Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

To experience that there is no death

We Are All Always in Danger

Disasters such as Fukushima and Chernobyl call for more time meditating

Hope and the Optimism Bias

Science investigating consciousness by going through the mind and brain